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1998 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/16/98

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House: Introductions

HB1042  Manufactured housing; local political subdivisions to     Clark
           Referred To Municipalities;County Affairs
HB1043  Garbage fees; not to be a lien on property if garbage     Ellzey
        collection is performed by private contractors.        
           Referred To County Affairs;Municipalities
HB1044  Employees; authorize certain payroll deductions for       Nettles
        state and IHL employees.                               
           Referred To Appropriations
HB1045  Emerging Crops Fund; restrict purposes for use of.        Holland
           Referred To Agriculture;Ways and Means
HB1046  Soil and Water Conservation Commission; certain           Holland
        information collected by not available for public      
           Referred To Agriculture;Judiciary B
HB1047  School buses; require to be equipped with safety belts.   Holland
           Referred To Transportation
HB1048  National Guard distinctive tag; authorize active duty     Holland
        member to be issued one free of charge.                
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1049  Milk; transfer regulatory responsibility from the         Holland
        Department of Agriculture to the Board of Health.      
           Referred To Agriculture
HB1050  Permit fees for milk and frozen dessert processing;       Moody
           Referred To Agriculture
HB1051  Health maintenance organizations; prohibit from           Moody
        requiring prior authorization for emergency services.  
           Referred To Insurance
HB1052  Health maintenance organizations; require to meet         Moody
        federal solvency standards and not certain state       
        solvency requirements.                                 
           Referred To Insurance
HB1053  Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau;      McBride
        authorize to investigate all agriculture-related       
           Referred To Agriculture
HB1054  County road bonds; state aid funds may be pledged for.    Comans
           Referred To Transportation;Ways and Means
HB1055  Criminal assessment; increase General Fund assessment     Grist
        for certain felonies and repeal bond fees.             
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1056  Damages; codify collateral source rule for medical        Denny
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1057  Legislature; reduce size.                                 Denny
           Referred To Apportionment and Elections
HB1058  Ad valorem taxes; delete school board's authority to      Denny
        increase without referendum approval.                  
           Referred To Education;Ways and Means
HB1059  Automobile liability insurance coverage; require before   Comans
        receiving license tag or driver's license.             
           Referred To Insurance
HB1060  Arts Commission; create special fund for funding          Simmons (37th)
        Challenge Initiative for arts organizations.           
           Referred To Appropriations
HB1061  School districts; provide for elected trustees and        Chaney
        appointed superintendents of.                          
           Referred To Education;Apportionment and Elections
HB1062  Tort reform; revise damage awards, liability,             Chaney
        limitations and venue.                                 
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1063  Sheriffs; authorize constables to be deputy sheriffs.     Malone
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1064  Gaming Counties Intrastructure Program; advance           Malone
        timetable for certain projects.                        
           Referred To Transportation
HB1065  Autopsy; notice must be given to deceased's relatives     Peranich
        before being performed.                                
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Judiciary B
HB1066  Deeds; require all city and county taxes to be paid       Hudson
        before recording.                                      
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1067  Highway 49; bring segment between U.S. 90 and U.S. 80     Rotenberry
        up to highway standards.                               
           Referred To Transportation;Ways and Means
HB1068  Adequate education funds; delete authority to pledge      Frierson
        for local bond issues and clarify Public School        
        Building Fund provisions.                              
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
HB1069  Graduate speech pathology loan scholarship program;       Reynolds
           Referred To Universities and Colleges;Appropriations
HB1070  Park rangers; include in Department of Wildlife,          Reynolds
        Fisheries and Parks merit promotion system.            
           Referred To Game and Fish
HB1071  State and teachers health insurance plan; allow members   Reynolds
        of Public Employees' Retirement System in plan.        
           Referred To Insurance;Appropriations
HB1072  Water; authorize Pearl River Basin Development District   Ellington
        to adopt regulations for operation of the spillway.    
           Referred To Conservation and Water Resources;Ways and Means
HB1073  Juvenile records; require fingerprinting and              Howell
        photographing of certain offenders.                    
           Referred To Juvenile Justice
HB1074  Northwest Mississippi State Hospital; authorize           Morris
        Department of Mental Health to acquire former hospital 
        to operate.                                            
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Ways and Means
HB1075  Real Estate Brokers; revise certain fees.                 Morris
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1076  Ad valorem taxes; revise manner in which delinquent       Endt
        taxes on land are collected.                           
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1077  Optometrists; certified optometrists may administer and   Endt
        prescribe any drug rational to optometric practice.    
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Judiciary A
HB1078  Nursing facility; CON for construction in Rankin          Moore
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
HB1079  School boards; Mississippi School Boards Association to   Manning
        conduct continuing education for members.              
           Referred To Education
HB1080  Junior and community colleges; abolish state board and    Manning
           Referred To Universities and Colleges
HB1081  Forestry Commission; pay employees once a month.          Stringer
           Referred To Fees and Salaries of Public Officers
HB1082  Chickasaw Trail Economic Development Compact; revise      Woods
        authority and authorize bond issuance.                 
           Referred To Interstate Cooperation;Ways and Means
HB1083  High school honors graduates; first year of college       Robinson (63rd)
        paid for.                                              
           Referred To Universities and Colleges;Appropriations
HB1084  Justice court judges; raise jurisdictional amount to      Robinson (63rd)
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1085  Center for Special Children; prohibit discontinuance      Smith (39th)
        for one year.                                          
           Referred To Universities and Colleges
HB1086  Fishing; freshwater fishing license in effect for         Bailey
        twelve months from date of purchase.                   
           Referred To Game and Fish
HB1087  Crimes; enhanced penalties for crimes committed by law    McInnis
        enforcement officers.                                  
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1088  Legislation; limit number of bills that may be            McInnis
           Referred To Rules
HB1089  School counselors; require salaries to be equivalent to   McInnis
        salaries of teachers.                                  
           Referred To Education
HB1090  Teachers; establish performance pay plan.                 Cameron
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
HB1091  Ad valorem taxes; revise form and contents of notice      Scott (17th)
        required when a taxing entity or school district       
        proposes to increase.                                  
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1092  Medicaid; expand eligibility and services for HIV/AIDS    Clark
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
HB1093  Contractors; require payment and performance bond to      Smith (39th)
        protect subcontractors.                                
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1094  Justice court judges; determine salary according to       Livingston
        most recent census or projection of U.S. Census Bureau.
           Referred To Fees and Salaries of Public Officers
HB1095  Educaton Enhancement Fund; authorize issuance of          Gadd
        distinctive license tags in support of.                
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1096  Tombigbee River Valley Water Management District;         Ford
        authorize to transfer property to Lee County.          
           Referred To Public Buildings, Grounds and Lands
HB1097  Mississippi Business Finance Corporation; revise          Williams
        definition of "manufacturing" for purposes of projects 
        eligible for bonds.                                    
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1098  Alcohol; revise penalties for retailers, wholesalers      Williams
        and distributors who unlawfully import beer or light   
        wine from out-of-state.                                
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1099  Crimes; revise fraudulent use of identifying              Reynolds
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1100  Alcoholic beverages; create Wine and Spirits Industry     Williams
        Fair Dealing Act.                                      
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1101  Bail; revise qualification bond of bail agents.           Blackmon *
           Referred To Judiciary B

House: Floor Actions

HB 381  Appropriation; authorize expenditure of certain monies    Stevens
        in the Rural Fire Truck Fund.                          
           Transmitted To Senate

House: Referred Other House

SC 501  Thomas Dyson; commend for service to state.               Burton
           Referred To Rules
SC 502  Mrs. Olene Moore; commend.                                Burton
           Referred To Rules

Senate: Introductions

SB2735  Appropriation; MS Emergency Management Agency;            Hall
        Additional, FY98.                                      
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2736  Appropriation; Attorney General Legal Fees, etc.;         Hall
        Additional, FY98.                                      
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2737  Appropriation; Pat Harrison Waterway District;            Hall
        Additional, FY98.                                      
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2738  Appropriation; Dept. of Wildlife,  Admin. Bldg.;          Hall
        Additional, FY98 and FY99.                             
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2739  Health maintenance organizations and managed care         Nunnelee
        plans; provide certain requirements.                   
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2740  Marine Resources; clarify legal representation for the    Hewes
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2741  Headlighting penalty; conform Class I violation license   Mettetal
        suspension provision to.                               
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2742  Headlighting penalty; include destruction of livestock.   Mettetal
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2743  Immunity from tort liability for charitable activity;     Hewes
        include donations of food to the needy.                
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2744  Auto insurance; revise the grounds for cancellation of.   Hewes
           Referred To Insurance
SB2745  Union County; authorize imposition of additional court    Browning
        costs for DARE program.                                
           Referred To Local and Private
SB2746  Property and casualty insurance; revise filing            Hewes
        requirements of rates and related information by       
           Referred To Insurance
SB2747  Medical Licensure Bd.; Osteopathic Med. Assn. make        White (5th)
        nominations to Governor.                               
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2748  Functional literacy exam; authorize exemption for         Kirby
        physically disabled student upon petition.             
           Referred To Education
SB2749  Tort Claims Act; include interns, residents and fellows   Ferris
        at the University Medical Center under provisions of.  
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2750  Accountants; revise Public Accountants Law.               Kirby
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2751  New Capitol Building; prohibit smoking in.                White (29th)
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2752  Home health services; authorize certain providers to      Bean
        offer without CON.                                     
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2753  Parole; increase supervision fee for offenders.           Huggins
           Referred To Corrections
SB2754  Tobacco litigation trust fund; establish in State         Smith
        Treasury and expend interest for reading sufficiency   
           Referred To Finance
SB2755  Establish Uniform Arbitration Act.                        Carlton
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2756  Domestic abuse; create a separate offense of.             Carlton
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2757  Dilapidated property; streamline process and increase     Carlton
        penalty for multiple violators.                        
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2758  Involuntary commitment procedures; authorize emergency    Carlton
        detention of certain persons in appropriate facilities.
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2759  Involuntary commitment; authorize emergency detention     Carlton
        of certain persons by licensed physicians and          
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2760  Appeals; revise supersedeas of fiduciaries.               Browning
           Referred To Judiciary

Senate: Floor Actions

SN  10  Mr. Kenny Bush, Philadelphia, Mississippi, as a member    LT. GOVERNOR
        of the State Board of Education, for a nine year term  
        expiring June 30, 2006.                                
           Appointment Confirmed

Senate: Referred Other House

HB 176  City of Brandon; authorize additional assessment on       Moore
        misdemeanor cases in municipal court to purchase       
        protective body armor for police officers.             
           Referred To Local and Private
HB 452  Grenada County; authorize to donate funds to Headstart.   Perkins
           Referred To Local and Private
HB 540  Narcotics Bureau; authorize to purchase 29 additional     Capps
           Referred To Appropriations
HB 749  City of Yazoo City; authorize additional payment to       Johnson
        retirees under disability and relief fund for firemen  
        and policemen.                                         
           Referred To Local and Private
HB 951  Authorize Tallahatchie County to create a correctional    Reynolds
           Referred To Local and Private

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