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1997 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/16/97

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House: Introductions

HC  56  Commend Attorney Johnnie L. Cochran upon being featured   Scott (80th)
        speaker at Foundation Banquet.                         
           Referred To Rules

House: Double Referred Reports

HB 699  State Seed Testing Laboratory; authorize Department of    Holland
        Agriculture to borrow money to improve building.       
           DR - TSDP: AG To WM
HB 766  Welfare reform; establish Mississippi Temporary           Moody
        Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.          
           DR - TSDPCS: PH To AP

House: Committee Reports

HB 165  Affidavit ballot; establish a uniform.                    Denny
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 265  Commissioner of Agriculture; extend repealer on duties    Ford
        concerning agricultural seeds.                         
           Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
HB 392  Pulpwood receiving facilities; extend repealer on         Ford
        licensing of.                                          
           Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
HB 398  Community Service Revolving Fund; extend date of          Ford
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 400  Leasing of penitentiary lands; extend date of repeal.     Ford
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 677  Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Act; revise to         Green (34th)
        include certain additional species.                    
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 938  Commercial feed; exempt certain feed from inspection      Holland *
           Title Suff Do Pass As Amended

House: Floor Actions

HB  14  Schools; increase salaries of teachers, assistant         Frierson
        teachers and other school employees.                   
           Committee Substitute Adopted
HB1068  Income tax; increase standard deduction and exemption     Formby
        for married individuals.                               
           Transmitted To Senate

Senate: Introductions

SB2605  Administrative Employer Organization Agreements Act,      Woodfield
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2606  Department of Finance and Administration; convey          Little *
        certain property to DOT.                               
           Referred To Public Property
SB2607  Gaming; prohibit the cashing of employee paychecks and    Hewes
        AFDC checks at casinos.                                
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2608  Marine resources; transfer DWFP marine law enforcement    Hewes
        to Dept. of Marine Resources.                          
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries;Ports and Marine Resources
SB2609  Gaming; clarify the waters upon which gaming aboard a     Hewes
        cruise vessel is allowed.                              
           Referred To Finance
SB2610  Insurance; repeal fictitious grouping law.                Hewes
           Referred To Insurance
SB2611  Boating; require certificate of title for boats.          Hewes
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries
SB2612  Real estate broker license; commission may approve        Hewes
        courses for.                                           
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2613  Mississippi Alarm Contractors Licensing Act; create.      Canon
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2614  Child custody and divorce; create certain presumptions    Ferris
        in family violence cases.                              
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2615  Animal and Poultry By-Products Disposal Law; include      Thames
        fish and fish by-products.                             
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2616  Bureau of Plant Industry Advisory Board; add State Soil   Thames
        Survey leader as a member.                             
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2617  Child passenger restraints law; revise.                   White (29th)
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2618  Meat, Meat-Food and Poultry Regulation and Inspection     Thames
        Law; require plant management to reimburse for         
        inspection services on holidays.                       
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2619  Agriculture Seed Law; revise penalties and due date for   Thames
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2620  Imported meats and public contracts for purchase of       Thames
        meat; repeal laws.                                     
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2621  Petroleum Products Inspection Law; require permits for    Thames
        retail establishments and make clarifications.         
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2622  MS Fertilizer Law; change frequency and method of         Thames
        reporting fertilizer tonnage sold.                     
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2623  Meat inspection; authorize Commissioner of Agriculture    Thames
        to hold hearings and determine penalties.              
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2624  Hazardous waste; clarify demonstration of need for        Canon
        previously permitted commercial hazardous waste        
        management facility.                                   
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2625  Public transit; DOT to provide any available funds to     Gollott
        public transportation systems in the state.            
           Referred To Highways and Transportation;Appropriations
SB2626  Bonds; issue bonds to renovate old National Guard         Hall
        Armory for children's museum.                          
           Referred To Finance
SB2627  Youth court administrator; appointed by board of          Harden
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration;County Affairs
SB2628  Universities; allow enhanced degree-granting branch       Gollott
        campuses in certain areas.                             
           Referred To Universities and Colleges;Appropriations
SB2629  Bonds; remove unnecessary language regarding interest     Bryan
        rates on certain bond issues.                          
           Referred To Finance
SB2630  Workers' comp; employers pooling liabilities shall be     Kirby
        members of same trade association as other pool        
           Referred To Insurance
SB2631  Real estate brokers; increase license renewal fees.       Hewes
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2632  State-owned lands; regulate oil and gas leasing of        Hewes
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2633  Political office; authorize candidacy by human            White (29th)
        services, highway patrol and wildlife department       
           Referred To Elections
SB2634  Universities and colleges; revise admissions              Farris
           Referred To Universities and Colleges
SB2635  Sixteenth section lieu lands; authorize exchange under    Cuevas
        certain conditions.                                    
           Referred To Education
SB2636  Gaming counties infrastructure program; add road.         Gollott
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2637  Pesticide; revise procedures and penalties involving      Thames
        pesticide law violations.                              
           Referred To Agriculture;Judiciary
SB2638  Handicapped parking; revise tag and placard.              Kirby
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2639  Alcoholic beverages; auth the sale of alcoholic           Ferris
        beverages and light wine or beer at certain facilities 
        that offer hunts for a fee.                            
           Referred To Finance
SB2640  Tobacco sales; delete preemption of "Prevention of        Bryan
        Youth Access to Tobacco Act" over local ordinances.    
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2641  Alcoholic beverages; revise legal advertising.            Gunn
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2642  Implied Consent Law; zero tolerance for persons under     White (29th)
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2643  Unemployment compensation; provide for employment         Nunnelee
        service contributions by employers.                    
           Referred To Labor
SB2644  MS Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau; expand        Thames
        duties of.                                             
           Referred To Agriculture
SB2645  Public nudity; prohibit.                                  Gunn
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2646  Public officials; allow PERS retiree who is elected to    Jordan (24th)
        a local office to receive retirement allowance.        
           Referred To Finance
SB2647  Gaming taxes; distribute portion to non-gaming            Jordan (24th)
           Referred To Economic Dev, Tourism and Parks;Finance
SB2648  Retirement; allow PERS retiree serving as elected         Jordan (24th)
        official to receive retirement allowance.              
           Referred To Finance
SB2649  Public school finance; implement MS Adequate Education    Bryan
        Funding formula.                                       
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
SB2650  State employees health insurance plan; authorize open     Nunnelee
        enrollment periods.                                    
           Referred To Insurance
SB2651  Municipalities; establish method to change from           Nunnelee
        mayor-council to code charter.                         
           Referred To Municipalities
SB2652  Post-delivery and post-mastectomy care; require.          Gunn
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2653  Weapons; prosecuting attorneys authorized to carry.       Farris
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2654  Child custody; court shall not prefer one parent over     Nunnelee
        the other.                                             
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2655  School curriculum; may include religious matters when     Little
        properly included in course of study.                  
           Referred To Education
SB2656  Corrections; prohibit conjugal visits with inmates.       Johnson (19th)
           Referred To Corrections
SB2657  Sales tax; exempt sales of certain medications for        Hamilton
        production of fish, poultry and livestock.             
           Referred To Finance
SB2658  RR safety inspectors; must be qualified to be employed    Furniss
        by MDOT.                                               
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2659  Eminent domain; defendant may request court-appointed     Hawks
        appraiser, nonjury trial.                              
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2660  Individual and Family Support Program; establish.         Bean
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2661  Marine Resources; DMR may pay cost of removal of          Hewes
        derelict vessels.                                      
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2662  Marine Resources; clarify duties of CMR related to        Hewes
        seafood sanitation programs.                           
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2663  Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Act;    Hewes
        eliminate timberland appraiser license and make various
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2664  Marine resources; clarify duties of CMR and DMR on        Hewes
        marine aquaculture.                                    
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2665  Marine resources; conform marine aquaculture program to   Hewes
        reorganization nomenclature.                           
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2666  Teacher salaries; increase salaries of teachers and       Ferris
        assistant teachers.                                    
           Referred To Education
SC 522  Joint Rules; require amendments to show deleted           Hewes
        language, etc.                                         
           Referred To Rules

Senate: Committee Reports

SB2016  School curriculum; create Mississippi Public School       Dearing
        Laboratory Chemical Management Act.                    
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2325  Manufactured housing; local governments regulate          Burton
        location and standards.                                
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2333  School districts; provide certain consolidation           Ferris
        procedures and incentive grants.                       
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
SB2413  Alternative school programs; delete repealer and waive    Ferris
        certain accreditation requirements.                    
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2319  County court; establish uniform system and youth court.   Smith
           Transmitted To House
SB2500  Elections; persons who register to vote under the         Harden
        "Motor Voter Act" may vote in state elections.         
           Committee Substitute Adopted

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