Mississippi Legislature

1997 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/17/97

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House: Floor Actions

HB  14  Schools; increase salaries of teachers, assistant         Frierson
        teachers and other school employees.                   
           Transmitted To Senate

Senate: Introductions

SB2667  Workers comp; worker must give notice of injury before    Hewes
           Referred To Insurance;Labor
SB2668  Workers comp; employer may request autopsy in death       Hewes
           Referred To Insurance;Labor
SB2669  School Administrator Sabbatical Program; establish.       Simmons
           Referred To Education
SB2670  Livestock; authorize supervisors to bury.                 Gordon
           Referred To County Affairs
SB2671  County court reporters in certain counties; receive       Furniss
        same salary as circuit court reporter.                 
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration;Appropriations
SB2672  Hunting; reduce suspension of hunting privileges for      Browning
        headlighting deer.                                     
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries
SB2673  Levee damage commissioners; increase per diem and         Carlton
        expense allowance to standard rates.                   
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration
SB2674  Dermatological services; prohibit requirement of          Gollott
        referral from primary care physician.                  
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2675  Election; qualified elector may vote absentee for any     Carlton
           Referred To Elections
SB2676  Levees; increase penalties for certain crimes related     Carlton
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2677  Bypass; MDOT construct at or near Greenville.             Carlton
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2678  Marine Resources; revise definition of domicile.          Hewes
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2679  Adverse possession; appeal.                               Burton
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2680  Safety Belt Law; violation to be a primary offense.       Hewes
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2681  Child abuse reports; clarify procedure to be followed     Burton
        by Department of Human Services.                       
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Judiciary
SB2682  Interlocal Cooperation Law; include Mississippi Levee     Carlton
        District and Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Districts.  
           Referred To County Affairs;Judiciary
SB2683  Home health services offered by hospitals; exempt from    Bryan
        CON requirements.                                      
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2684  Mississippi Major Economic Impact Act; provide for a      Bryan
        governing body for the Impact Authority.               
           Referred To Finance;Economic Dev, Tourism and Parks
SB2685  Delinquent tax lands; strike off to county.               Hall
           Referred To Finance
SB2686  Federal highway monies; revise apportionment among        Hall
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2687  Juvenile Detention Fund; use to fund operation of         Hall
        juvenile facilities.                                   
           Referred To Juvenile Justice;Appropriations
SB2688  Harvest permits; continue and amend; authorize relevant   Little *
        evidence overweight penalty (MDOT).                    
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2689  Hospice facilities and services; include under CON law.   Simmons
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2690  Uninsured motorist coverage; signed form is prima facie   Kirby
        evidence of rejection.                                 
           Referred To Insurance
SB2691  Marine resources; remove uniform requirement for law      Moffatt
           Referred To Ports and Marine Resources
SB2692  Contributions to Mississippi Volunteer Service Fund on    Bean
        income tax returns; authorize.                         
           Referred To Finance
SB2693  Appropriation for Gulf Coast Research Lab-Cedar Point     Gollott
        Campus FY 97; delete.                                  
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2694  Taxation; tax pay-per-view and closed circuit             Gollott
           Referred To Finance
SB2695  PERS; Local elected official credit for service paid by   Woodfield
        per diem.                                              
           Referred To Finance
SB2696  Income tax refund check-off; burn center.                 Furniss
           Referred To Finance
SB2697  Juries; 10-2 verdict for noncapital criminal cases        Bean
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2698  Elections; allow extended office hours for registrars     Tollison
        to register voters.                                    
           Referred To Elections
SB2699  Wildlife; technical revisions to shooting preserves       Posey
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries
SB2700  Spinal cord and traumatic brain injury treatment          Thames
        program, technical amendments to; create Registry.     
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2701  Water; create public water systems management review      Dearing
        council under Public Service Commission.               
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2702  Health care facilities; autorize CON for additional       Canon
        nursing beds in Lowndes County.                        
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2703  Sixteenth section land easements; granted to board of     Thames
        supervisors without compensation.                      
           Referred To Education
SB2704  Eleemosynary institutions; Uniform Management of          Frazier
        Institutional Funds Act.                               
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
SB2705  Railroads; require minimum number of engineers and        Furniss
        conductors on trains.                                  
           Referred To Highways and Transportation
SB2706  Funds appropriated to ASU Small Farm Development Center   Jackson
        FY97; clarify.                                         
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2707  Education Enhancement Funds for classroom supplies;       Farris
        clarify expenditure of.                                
           Referred To Education
SB2708  Car tags; provide for a special wildlife heritage         Posey
        license plate.                                         
           Referred To Finance
SB2709  Education enhancement funds for classroom supplies;       Harden
        certain procedures for allocation of.                  
           Referred To Education
SB2710  Wildlife; clarify game status of white-tailed deer;       Posey
        classify opossum as fur-bearing animal.                
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries
SB2711  School board members; require high school education or    Johnson (38th)
           Referred To Education
SB2712  Museum property; prescribe procedure for conserving and   Farris
        disposing of loaned property.                          
           Referred To Public Property;Finance
SB2713  State and national banks; clarify parity law.             Posey
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2714  Medicaid; capture available Medicaid funds for special    Gollott
        education programs.                                    
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
SB2715  Debt adjusting; require accreditation for nonprofits      Hall
           Referred To Business and Financial Institutions
SB2716  Deaf Persons' Literacy Rights and Education Act;          Nunnelee
           Referred To Education
SB2717  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for Greenville      Carlton
        Higher Education Center.                               
           Referred To Universities and Colleges;Finance
SB2718  Accumulated personal leave; authorize transfer between    Hall
        state and county agencies.                             
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration
SB2719  Judgment Roll; list Social Security or tax                Little *
        identification of defendant.  (MDOT).                  
           Referred To County Affairs;Fees, Salaries and Administration
SC 523  Const; amend Section 31 to allow 10-2 verdict in          Bean
        noncapital criminal cases.                             
           Referred To Constitution
SC 524  Amend Constitution; same gender marriages void.           Hall
           Referred To Constitution
SN  44  Ms. Eileen Shaffer Bailey, Jackson, Mississippi, as a     LT. GOVERNOR
        member of the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board, for a term
        of four years commencing on May 7, 1996                
           Referred To Oil, Gas and Other Minerals

Senate: Double Referred Reports

SB2096  Uninsured motorist; eliminate stacking of policies.       Kirby
           DR - TSDP: IN To JU
SB2361  Rural Fire Acquisition Program; provide additional        Rayborn
           DR - TSDPCS: IN To AP
SB2480  Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association      Kirby
        Act; reenact and revise.                               
           DR - TSDPCS: IN To PH

Senate: Committee Reports

SB2006  Nonadmitted surplus lines insurance policies; establish   Kirby
        stamping procedure by commissioner.                    
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2066  Hospital and medical service associations; repeal         Kirby
        regulation of by Commissioner of Insurance.            
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2589  Certain health insurance policies; prohibit exclusion     Jordan (18th)
        of certain drug coverage.                              
           Title Suff Do Pass

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2325  Manufactured housing; local governments regulate          Burton
        location and standards.                                
           Passed As Amended
           Motion to Reconsider Entered
SB2500  Elections; persons who register to vote under the         Harden
        "Motor Voter Act" may vote in state elections.         
           Transmitted To House

Senate: Referred Other House

HB1068  Income tax; increase standard deduction and exemption     Formby
        for married individuals.                               
           Referred To Finance

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