Mississippi Legislature

1997 Regular Session

Senator Bill Hawks

District 1

As of 12/08/97 at 11:53

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SB2053  Same-sex marriages; prohibit.                             Kirby
 *         02/12 Approved by Governor
SB2100  Mental health services; Department of Mental Health       Thames
 * %    approve minimum programs at regional mental health     
           04/24 Approved by Governor
SB2150  Water and sewage utilities; notify customers of           Hawks
 *      proposed rate increase in local newspaper and in       
        customer invoice.                                      
           04/10 Approved by Governor
SB2165  Income taxation; increase the amount of the optional      Bryan
 *$%    standard deduction and exemption for married           
           03/03 Approved by Governor
SB2189  Commitment; reimburse counties for interim care of        Hawks
        mental patients.                                       
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2209  Lunacy commitment; clarify civil immunity.                Hawks
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2223  Motor vehicle privilege tax; exempt one vehicle owned     Hawks
  $%    by each active duty member of the National Guard.      
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2228  Agribusiness Council, revise composition; create          Thames
 *      advisory committee.                                    
           04/24 Approved by Governor
SB2256  Gaming; increase gaming license fee and deposit           Canon
  $%    increase into State Highway Fund.                      
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2262  Bonds; issue GO bonds for Agriculture Department needs    Thames
  $%    and create sinking fund.                               
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2272  Tort reform; enact certain provisions.                    Hall
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2289  Emerging crop loan program; establish program of loans    Thames
    *   for post-production on agricultural businesses.        
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2290  MS Boll Weevil Management Act; include other pests.       Thames
           03/11 Approved by Governor
SB2291  Game fish; authorize Department of Agriculture to issue   Thames
 * %    permits for sale of.                                   
           03/04 (H) Died In Committee
SB2292  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for Dept. of        Thames
  $%    Agriculture needs.                                     
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2316  New Capitol space allocation; Senate Management           Jackson
        Committee responsibility.                              
           02/13 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2430  Gaming; prohibit the cashing of AFDC checks at casinos.   Johnson (19th)
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2483  Leasing of 16th section land classified as                Hawks
        agricultural; provide procedure.                       
           02/13 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2525  Appropriation; match revenue taxes in the Forest          Harvey
        Resource Development Program.                          
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2548  Psychiatric residential beds in DeSoto County; all are    Hawks
        Medicaid reimbursable.                                 
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2549  Bad checks; revise felony threshold amount.               Hawks
   %       02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2550  Radar; authorize sheriffs in certain counties to use.     Hawks
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2551  Highway; add in DeSoto County.                            Hawks
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2552  State flag; require display at city halls.                Hawks
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2553  Annual reports; agencies not send to legislators or       Hawks
 *      state officials except on request.                     
           03/25 Approved by Governor
SB2556  DeSoto Co; authorize use of radar.                        Hawks
           04/05 (S) Died In Committee
SB2561  Prisoners; require to reimburse for costs of              Burton
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2604  Abortion; prohibit partial-birth abortions.               Frazier
           03/04 (H) Died In Committee
SB2655  School curriculum; may include religious matters when     Little
 *      properly included in course of study.                  
           04/24 Approved by Governor
SB2656  Corrections; prohibit conjugal visits with inmates.       Johnson (19th)
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2657  Sales tax; exempt sales of certain medications for        Hamilton
  $%    production of fish, poultry and livestock.             
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB2659  Eminent domain; defendant may request court-appointed     Hawks
        appraiser, nonjury trial.                              
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2679  Adverse possession; appeal.                               Burton
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2724  Public Employees' Retirement System; provide Continued    Little
        Employment-Early Retirement option.                    
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2741  Charter schools; authorize State Board of Education or    Hall
   %    IHL to grant charter status to ten local public        
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2805  Public property; reimburse certain counties for tax       Dickerson
        losses as a result of state ownership of land.         
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2883  Transportation of pupils; eliminate time restriction on   Johnson (19th)
        private contracts.                                     
           03/04 (H) Died In Committee
SB2899  Subdivisions; certain boards of supervisors require       Hawks
 *      deposit of money for infrastructure.                   
           03/25 Approved by Governor
SB2900  Truancy; child may be committed to training school for    Burton
        second offense.                                        
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2918  Homestead exemption; increase reimbursement of tax        Johnson (19th)
        losses to counties.                                    
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2930  Hunting; allow handicapped nonresidents to take doe in    Hawks
        special hunts on U.S. Corps of Engineers land at       
        Arkabutla Lake.                                        
           03/17 Approved by Governor
SB2931  Wrongful death action; not available to parent who has    Hamilton
        abandoned a child.                                     
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2932  Bonds; extend authority to issue bonds for the Major      Hamilton
   %    Energy Project Development Fund.                       
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2947  Wildlife; provide limited immunity for guides and         Posey
           02/13 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2984  Public transportation systems; Legislature appropriate    Horhn
        sums equal to amount of decreased federal funds for.   
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB3005  Home school students; authorized to participate in        Hall
        public school interscholastic activities.              
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB3042  Gaming elections; prohibit holding more often than once   Hawks
 *      every 8 years under certain conditions.                
           03/31 Approved by Governor
SB3044  Sales taxation; exempt certain pollution control          Robertson
  $%    equipment.                                             
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB3045  Franchise tax; revise determination of gross receipts     Robertson
   %    for multistate corporations.                           
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB3046  Income tax; revise method of determining net business     Robertson
  $%    income of certain foreign manufacturers.               
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB3084  Major Economic Impact Act; include certain projects       Mettetal
  $%    that produce and transmit electrical power.            
           03/18 (H) Died In Committee
SB3095  Bonds; increase amount funding livestock facility         Rayborn
  $%    grants.                                                
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB3104  Sales taxation; reduce the sales tax on generating fuel   Bryan
  $%    sold to certain utilities.                             
           02/26 (S) Died In Committee
SB3194  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for addition of a   Cuevas
  $%    building at the Stennis Space Center to house the      
        Center for Marine Sciences.                            
           03/27 Approved by Governor
SC 524  Amend Constitution; same gender marriages void.           Hall
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SC 534  Urge support of traditional closing date of duck          Posey
           04/05 (H) Died In Committee
SC 549  Jim & Three Blake; commend for drag racing exploits.      Stogner
           03/05 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 577  Memorialize Congress; urge EPA to affirm existing air     Hall
        quality standards.                                     
           04/05 (H) Died In Committee
SC 600  Dave C. Swalm; commend.                                   Hall
           03/31 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 612  Donald W. Zacharias; commend.                             Hamilton
           04/01 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 638  Susp Rules; further consider public official salary       Gordon
        bills-SB2218, SB2219, HB1032.                          
           04/04 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SR  22  William Richardson; commend life.                         Simmons
           03/30 (S) Adopted

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