Mississippi Legislature
2005 Regular Session

Senate Labor Committee

As of 04/26/05 at 08:52

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SB2015  Labor organizations; prohibit from giving money to        White
        members to give to political activities.               
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2195  Campaign contributions; prohibit use of union dues for.   White
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2219  Mississippi Department of Labor and Commissioner of       Harden
        Labor; establish.                                      
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2398  Employment-at-will doctrine; abolish and create Good      Walls
        Faith in Employment Act.                               
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2399  Equal pay; enact Fair Pay Act of 2005.                    Walls
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2461  Public construction contracts; prohibit agreements with   White
   %    labor organizations.                                   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2579  Employer/employee rights under federal labor laws;        White
        prohibit governmental interference.                    
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2622  Municipal employees; authorize deduction of union dues    Dawkins
        from salary upon written request.                      
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2679  State employee; authorize deduction of union dues from    Dawkins
        gross wages.                                           
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SN  19  Tommye Dale Favre, Gautier, Mississippi, Executive        GOVERNOR
        Director of Mississippi Employment Security Commission,
        term at will and pleasure of Governor.                 
           03/24 (S) Notified of Approval

KEY: * = Amended % = 3/5ths Vote Required V = Vetoed
  $ = Revenue @ = Exempted From Deadline P = Partially Vetoed

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