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1998 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/22/98

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House: Introductions

HB1668  Authorize City of Greenville to clean up certain          Thornton
        property and assess costs to property owner.           
           Referred To Local and Private Legislation
HB1669  Homestead exemption; increase for persons 65 years of     Maples *
        age or older or disabled.                              
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1670  Income tax; provide credit for taxpayers expending        Stribling
        funds for construction, acquisition or rehab of        
        low-income housing projects.                           
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1671  Sales tax; exempt retail sales of equipment and utility   Warren
        trailers to nonresidents if taken from state within 48 
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1672  Sales tax; exempt sales of tangible personal property     Denny
        or services to Daughters of the American Revolution.   
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1673  Income tax; provide credit for taxpayer paying home       Denny
        security expenses for primary residence.               
           Referred To Ways and Means
HC  73  Commend Houston High School Football Team.                Bowles
           Referred To Rules
HC  74  Commend Kirk Academy High School Football Team on         Holden
        outstanding 1997-1998 season.                          
           Referred To Rules
HR   8  Commend Congressman Bennie Thompson on his outstanding    Green (72nd)
        service to his community, the State of Mississippi and 
        the U.S. of America.                                   
           Referred To Rules
HR   9  Commend life of Talmage Kenneth "Skimp" Davis.            Reynolds
           Referred To Rules

House: Double Referred Reports

HB 649  State offenders housed in county jails; reenact and       Ford
        extend repealer for one year.                          
           DR - TSDP: PE To AP
HB 651  Constable; extend date of repeal of authority to          Ford
        collect delinquent fines in justice court.             
           DR - TSDP: FS To CA
HB 674  Income tax; provide a credit for a portion of certain     Holland
        conservation equipment.                                
           DR - TSDP: AG To WM
HB 679  Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau;      Holland
        allow purchase of full-sized, passenger vehicles.      
           DR - TSDP: AG To AP
HB 999  Deputy chancery clerk; counties with two judicial         Guice
        districts pay allowance to chancery clerk for.         
           DR - TSDPCS: FS To CA
HB1025  Mississippi Rural Hospital Flexibility Program;           Moody
           DR - TSDP: PH To AP
HB1046  Soil and Water Conservation Commission; certain           Holland
        information collected by not available for public      
           DR - TSDP: AG To JB
HB1169  Natural and scenic waterways; Department of Wildlife,     Livingston
        Fisheries and Parks to conduct study and make          
        legislative recommendations.                           
           DR - TSDPAA: GF To CR
HB1191  Nursing homes; allow Medicaid participation for           Moody
        existing beds and authorize new beds.                  
           DR - TSDPCS: PH To AP
HB1193  Medicaid; persons with catastrophic illnesses and         Moody
        persons having high drug expenses eligible for.        
           DR - TSDP: PH To AP
HB1212  State parks; revise amounts Board of Supervisors may      Livingston
        contribute to.                                         
           DR - TSDP: GF To CA
HB1241  Tobacco settlement funds; create Health Care Trust Fund   Moody
           DR - TSDPCS: PH To AP
HB1570  Flood control; authorize Pearl River Basin Development    Ellington
        District to create flood control districts.            
           DR - TSDPCS: CR To WM

House: Committee Reports

HB  51  Public records; exempt personal accounts of municipal     Johnson
        public utilities.                                      
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB  65  Attempted murder; create offense.                         Dedeaux
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 222  Juries; revise minimum age requirement.                   Miles
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 320  Parole; authorize board to require potential parolees     Endt
        complete Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program.      
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 351  Hunting and fishing guide services regulation; reenact    Ford
        and extend repealer for one year.                      
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 448  Capital assets; require scheduled maintenance plan for.   King
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 464  Boat registration citation; presentment for dismissal     Stevens
        may be done without registrant or counsel present.     
           Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
HB 594  Domestic violence; add stalking to offenses for which     Davis
        arrest can be made without a warrant.                  
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 604  Crimes; duty to report crime and render aid to victim.    Green (72nd)
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 654  Game fish; extend repealer on issuing permits for sale    Ford
        of in pilot program.                                   
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 655  Mississippi Waste Pesticide Disposal Act; reenact and     Ford
        extend repealer.                                       
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 676  Aerial applicators; remove requirement that applicants    Holland
        register with the Department of Transportation.        
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 678  Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau;      Holland
        authorize to investigate all agriculture-related       
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 680  Institutions of Higher Learning; board may sell certain   Capps
        land of Delta State University.                        
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 714  Money laundering; conform to federal law.                 Broomfield
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB 726  Property; authorize State Forestry Commission to sell     Maples
        certain land in George and Issaquena Counties.         
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 766  Crimes; enhanced penalties for crimes against elderly;    Franks
        falsifying certain documents.                          
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 795  State buildings; revise list of buildings under           Brown
        supervision of DFA.                                    
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 803  Offenders; may be required to submit to chemical          Malone
        analysis test more than once per month.                
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 823  Homicide; include businesses in justifiable homicide.     Maples
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 887  Crimes; assault against public health personnel.          Moody
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB 962  Circuit clerks; increase fee for attendance upon court    Grist
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB1001  Environmental quality; revise hiring of Executive         Ellington
        Director of Department of Environmental Quality.       
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB1041  Property; authorize state to sell certain forestry        Perry
        service land.                                          
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB1151  Bad checks; permit prosecution for closing account        Cummings
        before check clears.                                   
           Title Suff Do Pass
HB1158  Misdemeanors; prohibit disclosure of persons arrested     McInnis
        but not charged.                                       
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
HB1211  Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; amend land   Livingston
        lease powers and duties of.                            
           Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
HB1459  Levees; increase penalties for certain crimes related     Cameron
           Title Suff Do Pass

House: Floor Actions

HB 421  Organ donations; revise law regarding identifying and     Scott (17th)
        requesting organ and tissue donors.                    
           Transmitted To Senate
HB 513  Medical Release Program; reenact and extend repealer      Ford
        for one year.                                          
           Committee Substitute Adopted
           Passed As Amended
HB 650  Penitentiary lands leased for agricultural purposes;      Ford
        reenact and extend repealer for one year.              
HB 664  State universities and community/junior colleges;         Capps
        authorize to offer certain courses.                    
           Transmitted To Senate
HB 667  Southern Dairy Compact Law; create.                       Holland
           Transmitted To Senate
HB1291  Public Service Commission; extend repealer on.            Ellis
           Passed As Amended

Senate: Double Referred Reports

SB2543  Veteran's Home Purchase Board; authorize to purchase      Furniss
        property and construct offices thereon.                
           DR - TSDPCS: VM To AP
SC 536  Resolution; encourage State Department of Education.      Farris
           DR - TSDBA: RU To ED
SC 540  Resolution; implement character education.                Farris
           DR - TSDBA: RU To ED
SC 542  Resolution; study school dropouts.                        Farris
           DR - TSDBA: RU To ED

Senate: Committee Reports

HB 540  Narcotics Bureau; authorize to purchase 29 additional     Capps
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2522  Employee leasing firms; provide for unemployment          Lee
        compensation rates and reporting.                      
           Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
SB2542  Emergency Management Act; authorize local governments     Furniss
        to declare disaster areas and use equipment.           
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB2937  Water; authorize water well permits to be issued by the   Dearing
        Executive Director of the Department of Environmental  
        Quality (DEQ).                                         
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB3028  Water; require non-profit water association to file       Dearing
        financial reports and revise annual meeting            
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB3099  Employment security commission; conform state law         Lee
        provisions to federal law regarding distribution of    
        certain funds.                                         
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB3102  Water; revise membership of local governments and rural   Dearing
        water systems improvements board.                      
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB3115  Wastes; repeal repealer on pesticide disposal act.        Dearing
           Title Suff Do Pass
SB3116  Mining; revise surface coal mining and reclamation law.   Dearing
           Title Suff Do Pass
SC 528  Mayor Terry Wood of Sherman, Mississippi; commend.        Nunnelee
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 533  William R. "Bill" Ferris; commend.                        Tollison
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 537  Resolution; support community-based intervention          Farris
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2173  Foster children program under the Dept of Human           Bean
        Services; revise standards and procedures.             
           Transmitted To House
SB2175  Campaigns; revise financing, reporting and judicial.      Turner
           Motion to Reconsider Tabled
           Transmitted To House
SB2192  Medical malpractice; revise statute of limitations.       Bean
           Committee Substitute Adopted
SB2650  Statute of limitations; revise for certain crimes         Turner
           Committee Substitute Adopted

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