Mississippi Legislature
2001 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/19/01

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House: Floor Actions

HB 303  U.S. flag; require public schools to fly at half-staff    Brown
        pursuant to federal order or law.                      
           01/19 (H) Passed
HB 472  School Administrator Sabbatical Program; extend           Ford
           01/19 (H) Passed
HB 474  Dyslexia testing pilot programs; extend repealer.         Ford
           01/19 (H) Amended
           01/19 (H) Passed As Amended
HB 669  School boards; establish meeting attendance               Eads
        requirements for members.                              
           01/19 (H) Committee Substitute Adopted
           01/19 (H) Passed
HB1119  Appropriation;  Arts Commission - Majesty of Spain        Capps
        Exhibition; Additional for FY2001.                     
           01/19 (H) Passed
           01/19 (H) Transmitted To Senate

Senate: Introductions

SB3033  Income taxation; no gain recognized for the sale of       Horhn
        real property to the state for certain MS Major        
        Economic Impact Act projects.                          
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3034  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for preplanning     Horhn
        of a national civil rights museum.                     
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3035  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for a park at       Horhn
        Lake Hico.                                             
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3036  Bonds; issue to fund additional grants under the MS       Horhn
        Small Business Assistance Act.                         
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3037  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds to provide funds    Horhn
        for grants to community development corporations.      
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3038  Sales tax; exempt finance charges from.                   Blackmon
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3039  Income tax; provide credit for taxpayers expending        Blackmon
        funds for repair, restoration or preservation of       
        certain historic structures.                           
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3040  Income taxation; provide deduction in gross income for    White (29th)
        volunteer fire fighters and volunteer law enforcement  
           01/19 (S) Referred To Finance
SC 544  Randy Graves, Jr., Eagle Scout; commend.                  White (29th)
           01/19 (S) Referred To Rules
SR   5  Raymond Davis; commend the life of.                       Carmichael
           01/19 (S) Referred To Rules

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2424  Medicare Upper Payment Limits Program for hospital        Little
        Medicaid reimbursement; Division of Medicaid to        
           01/19 (S) Transmitted To House
SN  68  Major General James H. Lipscomb, III, Greenville,         GOVERNOR
        Mississippi, as the Adjutant General for the           
        Mississippi National Guard and the Militia, for a term 
        that shall be concurrent with that of the Governor.    
           01/19 (S) Appointment Confirmed

Senate: Referred Other House

HB 540  Redistricting; revise due date for legislative plan.      Reynolds
           01/19 (S) Referred To Elections

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