Mississippi Legislature
2001 Regular Session

Representative Walter L. Robinson, Jr.

District 63

As of 12/20/01 at 08:55

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HB 456  Municipalities; authorize to create traffic-control       Robinson (63rd)
        monitoring systems.                                    
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB 778  Municipalities; increase penalties and revise notice      Reeves
 * %    requirement for a municipality cleaning private        
           04/07 Approved by Governor
HB 857  State Commission on Human Rights; create.                 Evans
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB 858  State holiday; make July 4 Medgar Wiley Evers' Day.       Evans
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB 886  Mississippi Highway 25; designate portion as "Military    Eakes
 *      Order of the Purple Heart Drive".                      
           03/26 (H) Died In Conference
HB 887  Witnesses; increase fee and travel allowance to amount    Evans
        provided in federal law.                               
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB 888  Employer and labor organizations; may agree to a          Evans
        "fair-share fee" in collective bargaining agreements.  
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB 997  Constable; allow to designate another constable to        Robinson (63rd)
        perform duties when on vacation or sick (Hinds).       
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1070  Voting machines; provide state assistance for certain     Robinson (63rd)
        counties to purchase (Hinds).                          
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1180  State Employees Health Insurance; pay for certain exams   Eads
        from Tobacco Trust Fund.                               
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1218  Municipalities; authorize municipalities to expend        Robinson (63rd)
 *      matching funds for any state, federal or private       
           03/01 (S) Died In Committee
HB1262  Retirement; require counties to pay employer              Robinson (63rd)
        contributions for constables.                          
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1300  Zoning; proposed change in municipality may be            Robinson (63rd)
        protested by nearby residents.                         
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1353  Radar; allow use by sheriff and deputies in certain       Robinson (63rd)
           01/30 (H) Died In Committee
HB1535  Major Economic Impact Act; include certain Fortune 500    Robinson (63rd)
  $%    companies (Hinds).                                     
           02/21 (H) Died In Committee
HB1536  Sales tax; authorize special municipal sales tax to       Robinson (63rd)
  $%    fund certain capital projects (Hinds).                 
           02/21 (H) Died In Committee
HB1565  Homestead exemption; increase.                            Moak
 *$%       03/23 Approved by Governor
HB1605  Appropriation; Department of Archives and History.        Flaggs
 *   V     03/30 (S) Veto Overridden
HB1606  Appropriation; Arts Commission.                           Flaggs
 *   V     03/30 (S) Veto Overridden
HB1607  Appropriation; expenses of Legislature, monthly           Flaggs
 *      expense, Legislative Budget Office, PEER Committee.    
           03/28 Approved by Governor
HB1608  Appropriation; benefit payments to retirants under the    Flaggs
 *      former Teachers' Retirement System.                    
           03/28 Approved by Governor
HB1634  City of Jackson; authorize to increase certain            Robinson (63rd)
        retirement benefits for retired firemen and policemen. 
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HB1649  Appropriation; Mental Health Development for crisis       Robinson (63rd)
        center in Hinds County.                                
           02/21 (H) Died In Committee
HB1650  Appropriation; $1.5 million to Hinds County for voting    Robinson (63rd)
           02/21 (H) Died In Committee
HB1651  Appropriation; MDITS for communications towers growth     Robinson (63rd)
        plan for Hinds County.                                 
           02/21 (H) Died In Committee
HB1664  Hinds County; authorize to impose special sales tax for   Robinson (63rd)
   %    infrastructure and recreation projects.                
           03/27 (H) Died In Committee
HB1693  Hinds County; authorize to establish special assessment   Robinson (63rd)
   %    districts to assist economic development in the county.
           03/27 (H) Died In Committee
HC  77  Public Service Commission; urging to investigate          Ellis
        increased cost of gas and other energy sources.        
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HC  81  Commend Ashley Carrillo for being selected 2000 State     Snowden
        Games Female Sportsman of the Year.                    
           03/08 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC  90  Commend Charlie Knott, Jr.                                Robinson (63rd)
           03/19 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC  98  Law Enforcement Officers Monument; express support for    Taylor
 *      location of.                                           
           04/01 (H) Died On Calendar
HC 124  Commend Habitat for Humanity.                             Evans
           03/30 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC 131  Commend Actor Morgan Freeman.                             Reynolds
           03/30 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HR  18  Commend actor Morgan Freeman.                             Reynolds
           03/16 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed

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