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1997 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/13/97

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House: Introductions

HB1007  Unclaimed Property Act; exempt certain payments by        Ford
        nonprofit agricultural cooperative marketing           
           Referred To Banks and Banking
HB1008  Tunica County; authorize board of supervisors to pay      Henderson (9th)
        annual supplement to certain county officials.         
           Referred To Fees and Salaries of Public Officers;County Affairs
HB1009  Corrections; revise 85% mandatory sentencing by           Watson
        excluding nonviolent crimes.                           
           Referred To Penitentiary
HB1010  Joint and several liability; revise.                      Watson
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1011  Workers compensation; appeal commission decisions to      Watson
        Supreme Court instead of circuit court.                
           Referred To Insurance
HB1012  Workers' compensation; appeal commission decisions to     Watson
        the Court of Appeals instead of circuit court.         
           Referred To Insurance
HB1013  Public defender; establish office in each county.         Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B;Appropriations
HB1014  Civil Rights Division; establish in the office of the     Watson
        Attorney General.                                      
           Referred To Judiciary A;Appropriations
HB1015  Attorneys, court-appointed; increase compensation.        Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B;County Affairs
HB1016  Property; require appraisal of land sold in partition     Watson
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1017  Garbage fees; county that charges fees may not levy ad    Ellzey
        valorem tax.                                           
           Referred To County Affairs
HB1018  Reports; state agencies not send to legislators or        Davis (7th)
        state officials except upon request.                   
           Referred To Appropriations
HB1019  Bail agents; revise certain licensing requirements and    Rogers
        penalties for violations.                              
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1020  Bail; create offense of "failure to appear" and revise    Rogers
        penalties for violations by bail agents.               
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1021  Bail; revise special bail and revise surrender            Rogers
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1022  Bail agents; bail agents shall be considered designated   Rogers
        agents/officers of the courts for bail purposes.       
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1023  Professional bail agents; revise requirements for         Rogers
        qualification bond of.                                 
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1024  Motor vehicles; repeal section providing for storage      Moss
        and towing lien.                                       
           Referred To Transportation
HB1025  Casualty insurance; limit maximum coverage mortgage       Davis (7th)
        lender may require on secured property.                
           Referred To Banks and Banking
HB1026  Casino Infrastructure Program; require bonds to be        Barnett (116th)
        issued and restrict use of monies in debt service fund.
           Referred To Transportation;Ways and Means
HB1027  Garbage fees; exempt senior citizens with small           Ellzey
           Referred To County Affairs
HB1028  School districts; require payment to Department of        Howell
        Human Services for students placed in training schools.
           Referred To Education
HB1029  State Education Technology Bonds; clarify authority to    Chaney
        use for Tech-Prep Fund.                                
           Referred To Education;Ways and Means
HB1030  School districts; elect members of all school boards in   Chaney
           Referred To Education;Apportionment and Elections
HB1031  Museum property; prescribe procedure for conserving and   King
        disposing of loaned property.                          
           Referred To Public Buildings, Grounds and Lands
HB1032  Salaries; increase for certain state and county elected   Green (96th)
        and appointed officials.                               
           Referred To Fees and Salaries of Public Officers;Appropriations
HB1033  False information; revise crime for providing to law      Montgomery
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1034  Suffrage; restore to Randy Lloyd of Hinds County.         Montgomery
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1035  Teachers; revise salary scale.                            King
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
HB1036  Absentee ballots; require circuit clerks to count.        Chaney
           Referred To Apportionment and Elections
HB1037  Art therapists; provide for certification of.             Chaney
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
HB1038  School districts; establish home rule authority for       Chaney
        districts achieving level 3 or higher accreditation.   
           Referred To Education
HB1039  Burglarizing churches; increase penalties.                Warren
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1040  Circuit court; additional judge for the Eighteenth        Scott (80th)
        Circuit Court District.                                
           Referred To Judiciary A;Appropriations
HB1041  Income tax; give credit for income taxes paid by state    Davis (7th)
        citizens to political subdivisions outside Mississippi.
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1042  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for public school   Scott (80th)
        capital improvements.                                  
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1043  Assistant teachers; fund under minimum program for        Moss
        kindergarten classes.                                  
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
HB1044  Legislative candidates; qualify in a uniform manner.      Moss
           Referred To Apportionment and Elections
HB1045  Income tax; check off for senior citizens nutrition       Moss
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1046  Overweight vehicles; authorize MDOT to issue continuous   Malone
        movement permits.                                      
           Referred To Transportation
HB1047  Child passenger restraints law; revise.                   Martinson
           Referred To Transportation
HB1048  Radar; delete prohibition against MHP setting up within   Wallace
        certain size cities.                                   
           Referred To Transportation
HB1049  Sales tax; delete insurance payment on totaled vehicle    Davis (7th)
        from gross proceeds of sale of replacement vehicle.    
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1050  Taxation; certain mobile home owners exempt from ad       Dedeaux
        valorem tax; certain income exempt from income tax.    
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1051  Ad valorem tax; exempt certain energy saving systems,     Dedeaux
        equipment, devices and mechanisms.                     
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1052  Sales tax; exempt sales of certain energy saving          Dedeaux
        systems and equipment.                                 
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1053  Workers' compensation; prohibit discharge of employee     Watson
        filing claim in good faith.                            
           Referred To Insurance
HB1054  Motor vehicle liability insurance policy; must include    Watson
        medical coverage.                                      
           Referred To Insurance
HB1055  Suffrage; restore to Timothy Monroe Smith of Forrest      Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1056  Suffrage; restore to Susan E. Watts Zimmerman of Perry    Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1057  Distinctive license tag; authorize to be issued to        Watson
        federal administrative judges.                         
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB1058  Workers compensation; increase benefits for               Watson
           Referred To Insurance
HB1059  Venue; revise in certain criminal cases.                  Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1060  Death penalty; not applicable to mentally retarded        Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB1061  Guardian; revise bond and oath.                           Watson
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB1062  Workers' compensation; require emergency hearing upon     Watson
        request of either party.                               
           Referred To Insurance
HB1063  Insurance company; provide for direct action against.     Watson
           Referred To Insurance;Judiciary A
HB1064  Uninsured motorist coverage; equal to liability limits.   Watson
           Referred To Insurance
HB1065  Imported meats and public contracts for purchase of       Holland *
        meat; repeal.                                          
           Referred To Agriculture

Senate: Introductions

SB2493  Water pollution control; authorize permit board to        Dearing
        require applicants for permits to post financial       
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2494  Water; revise Mississippi Safe Drinking Water Law.        Dearing
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2495  Water quality analysis fees; clarify payment of           Dearing
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2496  Lead; Lead-based Paint Activity Accreditation and         Dearing
        Certification Act.                                     
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2497  Public water systems; require certified operators for     Dearing
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2498  Solid waste; revise waste tire program and fee, and       Dearing
        household hazardous waste program.                     
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res
SB2499  Solid waste; create Local Governments solid waste         Dearing
        assistance fund.                                       
           Referred To Environment Prot, Cons and Water Res;Appropriations
SB2500  Elections; persons who register to vote under the         Harden
        "Motor Voter Act" may vote in state elections.         
           Referred To Elections

Senate: Committee Reports

HC  41  Joint session; hear address by the Governor.              Ford
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
           Transmitted To House

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2454  Repair and Renovation Funds; create for IHL, community    Jackson
        colleges and state agencies.                           
           Passed As Amended
           Motion to Reconsider Entered

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