Mississippi Legislature
2005 Regular Session


As of 04/04/05 at 08:36

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HB1296  Recycling Act of 2005; bring forward sections relating    Franks
 * %    to solid waste disposal, authority of municipalities to
        contract and recycling.                                
           02/11 (H) Motion to Reconsider Lost
HB1364  DEQ Special Grant Funds; provide that monies to           Cummings
        counties shall not be transferred or used for other    
           02/01 (H) Died In Committee
SB2986  County solid waste and environmental protection funds;    Browning
        exempt from any special fund transfers by DFA or the   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee

KEY: * = Amended % = 3/5ths Vote Required V = Vetoed
  $ = Revenue @ = Exempted From Deadline P = Partially Vetoed

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