Mississippi Legislature

2000 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/19/00

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House: Committee Reports

HC  15  Commend Tupelo First United Methodist Church on its       Holland
        100th anniversary.                                     
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
HC  21  Joint Rules of the Senate and House; adopt.               Horne
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted

Senate: Introductions

SB2358  County tax collectors; distribute set of MS Code of       Hamilton
        1972 to each tax collector.                            
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration
SB2359  Supersedeas bond; not required on amount of judgment      Ross
        designated as punitive damages.                        
           Referred To Judiciary
SB2360  State employees paid twice per month; delay               Furniss
           Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration
SB2361  Auto insurance; limit damages when owner/operator fails   King
        to maintain insurance.                                 
           Referred To Insurance;Judiciary
SB2362  Approp; MS National Guard for new armory at Oxford;       Tollison
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2363  Appropriation; MS Veterans' Home Purchase Board; Add'l    Furniss
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2364  Approp; MS National Guard for new armory at Vicksburg;    Chaney
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2365  Income tax; increase exemption for National Guard and     Furniss
        Reserve pay.                                           
           Referred To Finance
SB2366  Appropriation; MDOT, property exchange with Univ. of      Tollison
        MS; FY2001.                                            
           Referred To Appropriations
SB2367  Health facilities; direct the issuance of a certificate   Huggins
        of need to a certain hospital.                         
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2368  Hazlehurst; may levy additional court costs to support    Posey
        Copiah Rewards.                                        
           Referred To Local and Private
SB2369  Counties and municipalities; authorize to expend funds    Ross
        for training of newly elected officials prior to their 
           Referred To County Affairs;Municipalities
SB2370  Wildlife; remove requirement that executive director      Posey
        obtain approval of commission to hire and fire         
           Referred To Wildlife and Fisheries
SB2371  MS National Guard Education Assistance Law; revise        Furniss
        definition of the term "tuition".                      
           Referred To Veterans and Military Affairs;Universities and Colleges
SC 525  Forest High School Bearcats football team; commend for    Burton
        winning State 3A Championship.                         
           Referred To Rules
SC 526  Mississippi ETV; commend on 30th anniversary.             Bryan
           Referred To Rules
SC 527  Former Senator Burton McMillan; commend.                  Johnson (19th)
           Referred To Rules

Senate: Floor Actions

SR   6  Hess Robertson; commend upon receipt of Eagle Scout       Moffatt

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