Mississippi Legislature

1999 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 04/14/99

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HB1582  City of Richland; extend repealer on bar and restaurant   Weathersby
           Approved by Governor
HB1698  City of Biloxi; delete maximum retirement benefits        Ryan
        payable to retired city employees.                     
           Approved by Governor
HB1726  Town of Falkner; authorize to purchase water system.      McElwain
           Approved by Governor
HB1727  Marshall County; authorize to levy ad valorem tax on      Gadd
        certain property.                                      
           Approved by Governor
HB1732  City of Hattiesburg; may increase minimum monthly         Davis
        benefit for fire and police department retirees.       
           Approved by Governor
HB1736  Tallahatchie County; revise law establishing              Reynolds
        Tallahatchie County Correctional Authority.            
           Approved by Governor
HB1740  Harrison County; authorize incorporation of public        Fredericks
        utility district in connection with master planned     
           Approved by Governor
HB1741  Tallahatchie County; clarify tax levy of special          Reynolds
        drainage district.                                     
           Approved by Governor
HB1742  Tate County; provide for powers of Tate County Economic   Williams
        Development Foundation, Inc., regarding economic       
        development in county.                                 
           Approved by Governor
HB1743  City of Vicksburg; authorize to acquire property for      Chaney
        the establishment of a convention center.              
           Approved by Governor
HB1745  City of Clarksdale; authorize to designate intersection   Henderson (26th)
        of U.S. 61 and U.S. 49 as "crossroads".                
           Approved by Governor
HB1746  Montgomery County; authorize county hospital to convey    Howell
        certain surplus property to the City of Winona.        
           Approved by Governor
HB1749  City of Clarksdale; create Board of Trustees to manage    Henderson (26th)
        and operate the Delta Blues Museum.                    
           Approved by Governor

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