Senate Bill No. 2727


BY: Representative Felsher


     AMEND on line 87 by deleting the word "and"; on line 90 by deleting the period and inserting a semicolon; and by inserting the following after line 90:

          "(r)  One (1) member of the Mississippi Youth Council, selected by the members of the council;

          (s)  One (1) family advocacy representative to be appointed by the Executive Director of the Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities; and

          (t)  The Chairmen of the Public Health Committees of the Mississippi Senate and the Mississippi House of Representatives, or their designees from their respective committee membership."

     AMEND FURTHER on line 116 by deleting the word "and"; and by inserting the following after line 116 and re-lettering the succeeding paragraph:

          "(g)  Explore the effect of a multi-tiered wellness program that is conducive to growth, achievement, cultivating resilience, motivation and culturally sensitive personal development; and"