2014 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Representative Martinson

House Concurrent Resolution 54

(As Adopted by House and Senate)


     WHEREAS, Blues singer/songwriter Dexter Allen, raised in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, a community of Copiah County approximately 26 miles south of the capital city of Jackson, has made quite a name for himself in the music arena after teaming up with Airtight Records in 1995; and

     WHEREAS, a man whose life's story chronicles the rising stardom from humble country living to national acclaim, Allen, who was raised on a farm and grew up understanding the tenets of a wholesome life with only the bare necessities and a firmly established relationship with God and church, was introduced to the guitar by his Uncle Porter when he was only 10 years old; and

     WHEREAS, exhibiting great command of the rhythmic instrument, Dexter began captivating local church audiences throughout central Mississippi when he played bass guitar for his father's gospel group before later joining other gospel groups in Copiah and Simpson Counties, such as the Dixon Singers and the Robinson Brothers; and

     WHEREAS, having traveled the world over from likes of such places as France, Japan, Germany, Spain, China, Finland, Iraq, Kuwait and Sweden, in addition to his domestic travels here in the United States, the multitalented Allen showcases his musicianship, personal style and creativity in his singing the Blues; and

     WHEREAS, it was during his Sunday morning church playing and gigging with Airtight Band as guitarist and lead vocalist that Dexter landed the role as lead guitarist for Blues legend Bobby Rush, with whom he toured for a period of four years absorbing the sights and sounds of what he brands as the "Rush Experience" before forming his own band to travel the music circuit of the southeastern and southwestern states; and

     WHEREAS, upon having his unique musical ability honored by the Jackson Music Awards, which bestowed him with the title of Male Vocalist of the Year for 2008, Dexter was reaffirmed in his decision to take his talent to the next level of professionalism by becoming a recording artist to highlight his treasure trove of musicality as a singer, songwriter, lead and bass guitarist and keyboardist, with the release of his debut album entitled Bluezin My Way, a soulful composition of stories of love, lust, lies and alibis; and

     WHEREAS, 2009 brought about another Jackson Music Awards honor for Dexter with the Entertainer of the Year accolade, which preceded the release of his sophomore album, a Christmas collection entitled, Hello Ms. Santa Claus, which has become a holiday standard among DJs across the country, followed by the 2011 release of his Bluezin for Life CD, which goes back to the heart of the roots of Blues; and

     WHEREAS, on a whirlwind streak of success, Allen is on schedule to release his fourth album this year, Bluez of My Soul, and will appear in the role of Sam Thomas in the upcoming movie tribute to James Brown, "Get on Up" to be released by NBC Universal Studios; and

     WHEREAS, well deserving of the features in international write-ups and stateside mainstream Blues magazines, Dexter has also been inducted into the Mississippi Artist Roster and conducts Blues in Schools programs around the state through the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame after having played stages like:  "Billboard Live" in Tokyo, Great Wall Roots Fest in China, Marions in Paris, Chicago Blues Fest, South Side Shuffle in Canada and the Blues Fest in Quebec, just to name a few; and

     WHEREAS, even in traveling the globe, Dexter does not forget his home, as the name Crystal Springs is a recurring theme in the nomenclature of the many articles and on interviews when asked from whence he hails; and

      WHEREAS, a music icon par excellence, Dexter's music and entertaining stage performance leaves his audiences enlightened, delighted and excited to have had the opportunity to see and hear one of the best 21st century Blues performers from Mississippi; and

     WHEREAS, it is the policy of this Legislature to pay tribute to the state's native sons and daughters of Mr. Allen's stature and incredible success, whose talent, life's story and volunteerism have bestowed great pride and integrity upon the great State of Mississippi.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE SENATE CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby commend and congratulate Blues music artist extraordinaire Dexter Allen upon his achievements and success in the music industry, and extend to him our most sincere wishes for continued success in all of his future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to Dexter Allen and to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.