Senate Bill No. 3158

BY: Committee

     Amend by striking all after the enacting clause and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


SECTION 1.  The following sum of money, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any money in the State Treasury to the credit of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, as provided by Section 63-17-51 et seq., Mississippi Code of 1972, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said Commission, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007, and ending June 30, 2008$       290,541.00.

     SECTION 2.  Of the funds appropriated under the provisions of Section 1, not more than the amounts set forth below shall be expended for the respective major objects or purposes of expenditure:


     Personal Services:

Salaries, Wages and Fringe Benefits$       198,527.00

Travel and Subsistence..............         25,000.00

Contractual Services.....................         58,014.00

Commodities..............................          6,000.00

     Capital Outlay:

Other Than Equipment................              0.00

Equipment...........................          3,000.00

Vehicles............................              0.00

Wireless Communication Devices......              0.00

Subsidies, Loans and Grants..............              0.00

Total.............................. $       290,541.00


Permanent:    Full Time...........        3

Part Time...........        0

Time-Limited:Full Time...........        0

Part Time...........        0

     Funds are provided herein to adjust the Variable Compensation Plan to ensure that all full-time employees receive a pay increase equal to the realignment component of the Variable Compensation Plan or One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00), whichever is greater.

     With the funds herein appropriated, it is the intention of the Legislature that it shall be the agency's responsibility to make certain that funds required to be appropriated for "Personal Services" for Fiscal Year 2009 do not exceed Fiscal Year 2008 funds appropriated for that purpose, unless programs or positions are added to the agency's Fiscal Year 2009 budget by the Mississippi Legislature.  Based on data provided by the Legislative Budget Office, the State Personnel Board shall determine and publish the projected annual cost to fully fund all appropriated positions in compliance with the provisions of this act.  It shall be the responsibility of the agency head to insure that no single personnel action increases this projected annual cost and/or the Fiscal Year 2008 appropriation for "Personal Services" when annualized, with the exception of escalated funds.  If, at the time the agency takes any action to change "Personal Services," the State Personnel Board determines that the agency has taken an action which would cause the agency to exceed this projected annual cost or the Fiscal Year 2008 "Personal Services" appropriated level, when annualized, then only those actions which reduce the projected annual cost and/or the appropriation requirement will be processed by the State Personnel Board until such time as the requirements of this provision are met.

     Any transfers or escalations shall be made in accordance with the terms, conditions and procedures established by law or allowable under the terms set forth within this act.  The State Personnel Board shall not escalate positions without written approval from the Department of Finance and Administration.  The Department of Finance and Administration shall not provide written approval to escalate any funds for salaries and/or positions without proof of availability of new or additional funds above the appropriated level.

     No general funds authorized to be expended herein shall be used to replace federal funds and/or other special funds which are being used for salaries authorized under the provisions of this act and which are withdrawn and no longer available.

     The agency shall not take any action to promote or otherwise award salary increases through reallocation, reclassification, realignment, education benchmark, career ladder, or any other means to increase salaries of employees or positions unless specifically exempted by the following conditions:  the award of teacher pay increases, the advancement of a trainee/cadet to the next level of a bona fide career ladder, the award of an educational benchmark for the attainment of Certified Public Accountant License or higher level professional certification as determined by the State Personnel Board, the immediate replacement of a departing employee with an individual from within state service or a new hire at a salary level equivalent to that of the departing employee, and the emergency appointment of nurses, pharmacists or other health care professionals at a salary to be determined by the State Personnel Board, unless otherwise authorized in this act.

     SECTION 3.  It is the intention of the Legislature that none of the funds appropriated under the provisions of this act shall be expended to defray any expenses of the Motor Vehicle Commission if said commission takes any official actions during Fiscal Year 2008 that serve directly or indirectly to reduce the payment to the State General Fund of any sales tax on motor vehicles sold within the State of Mississippi.

     It is further the intention of the Legislature that if such actions are taken by the Motor Vehicle Commission during Fiscal Year 2008, the executive director and commission members shall be held personally liable for repayment of any funds expended under the provisions of this act with said repayment to be made to the State General Fund.  The Attorney General is hereby authorized and directed to undertake appropriate legal action to enforce the provisions of this act and to recover said funds.

     SECTION 4.  It is the intention of the Legislature that whenever two (2) or more bids are received by this agency for the purchase of commodities or equipment, and whenever all things stated in such received bids are equal with respect to price, quality and service, the Mississippi Industries for the Blind shall be given preference.  A similar preference shall be given to the Mississippi Industries for the Blind whenever purchases are made without competitive bids.

     SECTION 5.  The money herein appropriated shall be paid by the State Treasurer out of any money in the State Treasury to the credit of the proper fund or funds as set forth in this act, upon warrants issued by the State Fiscal Officer; and the State Fiscal Officer shall issue his warrants upon requisitions signed by the proper person, officer or officers in the manner provided by law.

     SECTION 6.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after July 1, 2007.