2007 Regular Session

To: Appropriations

By: Representative Reeves, Stringer

House Bill 1143

(As Passed the House)



     SECTION 1.  Section 25-53-191, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:

     25-53-191.  (1)  For the purposes of this section, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section unless the context otherwise clearly requires:

          (a)  "Department" means the Mississippi Department of Information Technology.

          (b)  "State agency" means any agency, department, commission, board, bureau, institution or other instrumentality of the state.

          (c)  "Wireless communication device" means a cellular telephone, pager or a personal digital assistant device having wireless communication capability.

     (2)  Before a wireless communication device may be assigned, issued or made available to an agency officer or employee, the agency head, or his designee, shall sign a statement certifying the need or reason for issuing the device.  No officer or employee of any state agency, except for an officer or employee of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, shall be assigned or issued more than one (1) such wireless communication device; however, any person employed by the University of Mississippi Medical Center in a capacity of providing medical services or medical research services to persons may be assigned more than one (1) wireless communication device provided that application therefor is first made to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and a written finding is made by the vice chancellor specifying why more than one (1) device is needed and specifying that any approved device must be used only for the approved purpose and further specifying the duration of the authority to possess more than one (1) wireless communication device.  No officer or employee of any state agency to whom has been assigned, issued or made available the use of a wireless communication device, the cost of which is paid through the use of public funds, shall use such device for personal use.

     (3)  A state agency shall not reimburse any officer or employee for use of his or her personal wireless communication device.

     (4)  Every state agency that, at the expense of the state agency, assigns, issues or makes available to any of its officers or employees a wireless communication device shall obtain and maintain detailed billing for every wireless communication device account.  A list of approved vendors for the procurement of wireless communication devices and the delivery of wireless communication device services shall be developed for all state agencies by the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services in conjunction with the Wireless Communication Commission created in Section 25-53-171.  The department, in conjunction with the Wireless Communication Commission, shall exercise the option of selecting one (1) vendor from which to procure wireless communication devices and to provide wireless communication device services, or if it deems such to be most advantageous to the state agencies, it may select multiple vendors.  The department, in conjunction with the Wireless Communication Commission, shall select a vendor or vendors on the basis of lowest and best bid proposals.  A state agency may not procure a wireless communication device from any vendor or contract for wireless communication device services with any vendor unless the vendor appears on the list approved by the department, in conjunction with the Wireless Communication Commission.  A contract entered into in violation of this section shall be void and unenforceable.

     (5)  The department shall promulgate a model acceptable use policy defining the appropriate use of all wireless communication devices.  The acceptable use policy should specify that these resources, including both devices and services, are provided at the state agency's expense as tools for accomplishing the business missions of the state agency; that all those resources are for business use * * *.  The acceptable use policy should require that each official and employee issued one (1) of the above devices or authorized to access one (1) of the above services sign the policy and that the signed copy be placed in the personnel file of the official or employee.  The acceptable use policy should also require that the use of these resources be tracked, verified and signed by the official or employee and the supervisor of the official or employee at each billing cycle or other appropriate interval.  All state agencies shall adopt the model policy or adopt a policy that is, at minimum, as stringent as the model policy and shall provide a copy of the policy to the department.

     (6)  All state agencies shall purchase or acquire only the lowest cost cellular telephone, pager or personal digital assistance device which will carry out its intended use.

     (7)  The State Auditor shall conduct necessary audits to ensure compliance with the provisions of this section.

     SECTION 2.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.