Cmte Sub for Senate Bill No. 2527

BY: Senator(s) Ross, Tollison

     AMEND by striking lines 97-100, inserting in lieu thereof the following:

          (t)  Name of any public or private educational institution, including any secondary school, trade or professional institution or institution of higher education at which the offenders is employed, carries on a vocation (with or without compensation) or is enrolled as a student, and the registrant's status; * * *

          (u)  Copy of conviction or sentencing order for the sex offense for which registration is required; and

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 101 by changing "(u)" to "(v)."

     FURTHER, AMEND inserting after line 105 the following:

     (4)  Any person required to register under this chapter who holds or applies for a driver's license, commercial driver's license, intermediate license, temporary driving permit or state identification card shall at the time of registering as a sex offender obtain a license, permit or identification card, if eligible, bearing an endorsement that the individual is a registered sex offender.

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 162 by inserting after the word "license" the following:  "or driving privilege".

     FURTHER, AMEND by inserting after line 214 the following:

          (*)  The department shall continue to list in the registry the name and registration information of all registrants who no longer work, reside or attend school in this state even after the registrant moves to another jurisdiction and registers in the new jurisdiction as required by law.  The registry shall note that the registrant moved out of state.