2006 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Carmichael, Burton, Jackson (32nd), Frazier, Jackson (11th)

Senate Resolution 38

(As Adopted by Senate)


     WHEREAS, Jim Quick of Meridian, Mississippi, was selected as the 2005 State Games of Mississippi BellSouth Male Athlete of the Year; and

     WHEREAS, the award seeks to honor those athletes who personify the ideals of the State Games movement, such as participation, sportsmanship, achievement, effort and positive attitude; and

     WHEREAS, Jim participated in the State Games of Mississippi for the first time in 1993.  He has participated nine of the 14 years that the games have been held.  Jim has won 15 medals in these nine years in Cycling, Mountain Bike, 5K Road Race and Kayak; and

     WHEREAS, Jim smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day until he was 27 years old.  He began his running interest in 1978.  It started one evening as he ran to Highland Park from his home, a distance of one mile.  The next day he was unable to run again.  With his determination, he kept trying slowly increasing his distance each time.  However, his heavy smoking habit was starting to cause medical problems, and he finally decided that he could not keep up his running interest and continue to smoke.  He finally was able to quit his 12-year habit; and

     WHEREAS, after watching the Iron Man broadcast and seeing Julie Moss crawl across the finish line to finish her race, he was inspired to accomplish finishing a triathlon.  He began riding an old bike and participated in the 1983 Heart of Dixie Triathlon.  He finished, but it would be five more years before he did another.  He continued his training in biking and running; and

     WHEREAS, over the years, he has completed 300 races, including the Bike Across Mississippi, a 160-mile one- or two-day ride.  He has completed three marathons, qualifying for Boston twice and running the Boston Marathon once.  He once had a running streak of 565 days in a row.  He has had two years of over 2,000 miles run and two years of over 10,000 miles cycling in his training; and

     WHEREAS, at the age of 54, he still enjoys competing against those who are half his age and occasionally beating them.  He competed in the Senior Olympics in 2005, winning five Gold Medals in Cycling; and

     WHEREAS, in the 2005 State Games of Mississippi, Jim won the overall Cycling Road Race and a Gold Medal in his age division; and

     WHEREAS, Jim demonstrates the true spirit of the State Games of Mississippi, as he is committed to doing his best, enjoys the competition and has respect for the athletes, volunteers and staff who work, plan and implement this annual classic; and

     WHEREAS, it is with pride that we recognize and commend this amateur athlete who has brought honor to his community and to his state:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend and congratulate Jim Quick on being selected as the 2005 State Games of Mississippi BellSouth Male Athlete of the Year and express our heartiest wishes for continued success in all his future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Jim Quick and be made available to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.