Senate Bill No. 2504

BY: Representative Frierson

     AMEND after Line 3395 by inserting the new section and renumbering each succeeding section:

"SECTION 32.  (1) In the event a principal, or other designated disciplinarian, makes a decision to readmit a student to a teacher's classroom and the teacher objects, the teacher, as the classroom authority, has the right to appeal the principal's decision to the Disciplinary Action Review Board.

     (2) Members shall be appointed as follows:

The school's faculty shall choose two (2) teachers to serve as members and one (1) teacher to serve as an alternate member; and

The school's principal shall choose one (1) faculty member;

The teacher objecting to the student's readmission may not serve on the Student Disciplinary Review Board.

     (3) Students whose readmission is objected to by the disciplining teacher may be temporarily reassigned to another classroom, placed in an in-school suspension, or any other available option at the discretion of the designated disciplinarian until the Student Disciplinary Review Board can meet to hear the case.

     (4) All cases shall be heard within three (3) school days of the designated disciplinarian's decision to readmit the student over the disciplining teacher's objections.

     (5) The committee's placement determination regarding a student with a disability who receives special education services is subject to the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and federal regulations, state statutes, and agency requirements necessary to carry out federal law or regulations or state law relating to special education."

     AMEND FURTHER the Title to conform.