House Bill No. 1770

BY: Representatives Perkins, Young

     AMEND by striking the language beginning with the colon on line 100 through the period on line 108 and inserting the following in lieu thereof:  "the same purposes for which proceeds from the issuance of bonds under this act may be expended under Section 5 of this act."

     AMEND further on line 117 by striking the words "general fund" and inserting the following in lieu thereof:  ", placed into a special fund apart from the city general fund, and may be expended, upon approval of the governing authorities, only for the operation, support, repair, maintenance and improvement of the Southern Arts and Entertainment Center and related facilities and structures as described in Section 39-25-1, Mississippi Code of 1972,"

     AMEND further the title by deleting the language beginning after the word "ACT" on line 10 through the word "CENTER" on line 12.