2005 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Little, Albritton, Burton, Butler, Carmichael, Clarke, Cuevas, Dawkins, Dearing, Doxey, Flowers, Frazier, Gollott, Gordon, Harden, Harvey, Hewes, Horhn, Huggins, Hyde-Smith, Jackson (11th), Jackson (15th), Jackson (32nd), Jordan, King, Lee (35th), Mettetal, Moffatt, Morgan, Nunnelee, Posey, Robertson, Ross, Simmons, Thames, Thomas, Turner, Walley, Walls, White, Wilemon, Williamson

Senate Resolution 52

(As Adopted by Senate)


†††† WHEREAS, the Senate of the State of Mississippi wishes to commend the soldiers of the 850th Transportation Company Army Reserve Unit, recognizing their personal sacrifices, time spent away from home, courage in the face of fire and uncertainty, as they embarked upon war against terrorism that is being waged by the United States both at home and overseas; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mississippi's citizens have always been more than willing to serve their country during times of conflict across the world, and many have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in times of war; and

†††† WHEREAS, the United States Military Reservists have embarked upon both missions to secure and preserve peace and to protect the lives and interests of all Americans, thus exhibiting the high caliber and readiness of our nation's and state's troops; and

†††† WHEREAS, these "citizen soldiers" have undergone extensive training through their respective reserve units while maintaining a living and raising families of their own; and

†††† WHEREAS, in recognition of their valor and teamwork, and loyalty to their fellow soldiers, the command, the United States Army and the United States of America, we esteemingly honor:† Captains, Peter T. Clinton, Hap E. McConnell and Tonda Y. Williams; Chief Warrant Officer Michael G. Tomes; Master Sergeants, Carlester Hicks and Robert L. Irons; Sergeants First Class, Clinton F. Booker, Ronald Brooks, Percy L. Cooks, Bruce M. Faust, Ernesto Febo, Willie E. Fountaine, Tommie Hilton, John T. Horn, Daniel L. Hunt, Calvin D. Moore, Tony A. Roach, Andrew M. Robinson and Jonathan P. Taber; Staff Sergeants, Dennis Austin, Stanley R. Autry, Mario M. Bolton, Willie J. Boyd, David Brownlee, William A. Calvin, Theodore R. Campbell, Thomas N. Gilmore, Laquitta R. Green, John E. Harris, Michael L. Hawkins, Dennis L. Jackson, Tamra J. Johnson, Laboyd Keyes, Darlean Lake, Jonathan T. Roberts, Stephen T. Robinson, Sylvester Simon, Sam T. Smiley, Tara M. Watson and David Whaley; Sergeants, Orlanda L. Bell, Lashon C. Brown, Candra M. Buck, Marco V. Burgos, Marcus D. Catching, Sonny O. Chambers, Felicia A. Davis, Tamara D. Finchis, Rodney D. Fondren, Marlon T. Gooch, Victor H. Green, Amanda L. Guenthner, David W. Herron, Michael A. Iriarte, Kimberly N. Island, Catrina L. Jackson, Lashannon R. James, Douglas A. Lancelot, David M. McDaniel, John A. McDonald, Veronica F. Mond, Charles E. Moore, Anthony J. Pekala, Myla M. Perry, Anthony Pitts, Richard L. Quick, Christopher A. Robb, Christopher N. Robinson, Michael W. Robinson, Hope M. Ross, Micah P. Sanford, Luis A. Santiago, Mervin Thurman, Renita C. Tigner, Joshua H. Tillman, Yvonne Tillmon, Elizabeth A. West and Cedric J. White; Specialists, Michael J. Adams, Billy R. Artis, Oluseun T. Awobusuyi, Courtney Bell, Ashton D. Coppage, Kenyate N. Criss, Markquetta Y. Curb, Jonathan D. Davis, Ketrick L. Douglas, Cassandra V. Fair, Niren A. Gipson, Kimberly D. Harrell, Maurice M. Harvey, Kenji D. Hayes, Christopher J. Herny, Gary A. Hunter, Edward H. Jamerson, Demetrice D. Jenkins, Lemarcus D. Johnson, Byron E. Joseph, Jarvis D. Kelly, Revell Kimber, Charles Liddell, Anthony D. Lofton, Patrick A. Martin, Jamaika L. McAdams, Shonari O. McCrary, Michael T. Padgett, Yancey T. Pollard, Christopher R. Richardson, Derrick Shorter, Jason R. Sharp, Brandon J. Shindler, David B. Shiver, Lashun T. Sims, Derrick D. Thigpen, Christopher D. Townsend, Jordan M. Whitaker, Abram D. Williams and Victor W. Williams; Privates First Class, Franklin E. Ball, Gebriel C. Dearman, Kywanis Hargrow, Jessica A. Jones, Cynthis N. Lloyd, Reggie L. Moore, Jeremy B. Rose, Dorian L. Troope and Earl Warren; and Private Dwayne L. Brakebill; and

†††† WHEREAS, since September 11, 2001, soldiers of the 850th Transportation Company, along with their comrades of the United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force and the Army and Air National Guard of Mississippi and surrounding states, have been called to active service in defense of our nationís freedom, and a renewed commitment to establish a free and self-sustaining democratic government out of the tumultuous ruins of tyranny and terror; and

†††† WHEREAS, with some soldiers veteran to warfare as experienced in Desert Storm, the 850th was activated in November 2003 and went to Fort Stewart, Georgia, for training before being deployed to Iraq in early 2004; and

†††† WHEREAS, as a transportation unit, soldiers of the 850th traveled up and down all of the highways where bombs had been detonated, delivering food, water, medical supplies and ammunition; and

†††† WHEREAS, President George W. Bush, Commander in Chief of the United States Military and the United States Army Reserve Command, whose leadership and dedication is known throughout the military of the United States, continues to guide and command units of the Army Reservists in mobilizations and deployments and security at critical sites on foreign and domestic soils; and

†††† WHEREAS, the Senate recognizes and commends the diligence of the soldiers of the 850th Transportation Company, who have placed themselves directly in harms way, for their devotion to this state and nation to secure and insure peace and to preserve and protect freedom for all:

†††† NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend the 850th Transportation Company on its outstanding leadership, selfless dedication and patriotism exemplified through the acts of the soldiers and officers in effectively accomplishing their wartime mission.

†††† BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to the commanding officers of the 850th Transportation Company and to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.