2005 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Harden, Simmons

Senate Resolution 26

(As Adopted by Senate)


†††† WHEREAS, Clifford J. Hampton, Special Projects Coordinator and Special Affairs Advisor, Mississippi State University Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES) and the Mississippi State University Extension Service (MSU-ES), was nominated to the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning for commendation in recognition of Black History Month; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hamptonreceived his Educational Specialist from Mississippi State University, Agricultural and Extension Education (2004); M.S. Degree from Mississippi State University, Agricultural and Extension Education (1990); B.S. Degree from Alcorn State University, Agricultural Education (1980); and currently pursuing an Ed.D. from Mississippi State University, Agricultural and Extension Education/Administration (2005); and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hamptonbegan his career in 1980 as an Extension 4-H Youth Agent in Sunflower County; Assistant County Agent, Bolivar County; County Agent/County Coordinator, Prentiss County; Administrative Intern, MCES Administration, MSU; and Special Projects Coordinator, MCES Administration, MSU.† In 1997, he was appointed Special Projects Coordinator, MSU Extension Service and Special Affairs Advisor, MAFES; and

†††† WHEREAS, as a joint employee of MAFES and MSU-ES, Mr. Hampton has the unique opportunity to advance diversity not only on the MSU campus and in every county in the state, but also among agencies and institutions and across state lines; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hampton recently provided leadership to the MSU-ES and Alcorn State University (ASU) Extension programs as they participated in a National Consortium on Diversity.† Mr. Hampton has provided valuable assistance in developing strategies with USDA and state agricultural agencies to enhance participation by under-represented individuals in agricultural programs; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hampton led MAFES and MSU-ES through a USDA Civil Rights/EEO review.† During that process, he revised and developed operational plans and policy guidelines.† He trained both ASU and MSU-ES middle managers regarding affirmative action programs, compliance reviews and workforce diversity.† He continues to provide leadership for the revision of the ASU-Extension Program and the MSU-ES/CSRESS plan of work; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hamptonhas served on the Professional and Support Staff Council (1999-2001); Professional and Support Staff Council Appreciation Planning Committee (1999-2001); Division of Agricultural Professional and Support Staff Council (1999-2001); Division of Agricultural Faculty Senate (2004); Vice Chair, Division Agriculture Faculty Senate (2005); Presidentís Commission on the Status of Minorities (2003-2004); Vice Chair, Presidentís Commission on the Status of Minorities (2005); Commission on Minorities Affairs (1993-2005); Chair, Diversity Committee, Holmes Diversity Center Review (2004); and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hampton'scivic and community involvement includes member of Progress for Winston County; member of the Louisville Chapter, ASU Alumni Association; member, Winston County NAACP; member and Deacon of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Louisville, Mississippi; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hamptonhas been recognized for his work by receiving First Place County Agentís Association Communicator Award (1984); Outstanding Young Men of America (1986); selected Extension Administrative Intern (1994); participated in USDA Civil Rights Review of Oklahoma's Extension and Research programs (1999); selected for and graduated from the MSU-ES Leadership Academy (2002); and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hampton'sprofessional memberships and activities include member of Mississippi County Agricultural Agents Association; National County Agricultural Agents Association; Mississippi State Council on Minority Affairs; Research Center Administrators Society Service; Society for Human Resources Management; and

†††† WHEREAS, Mr. Hamptonis respected for his ability to promote partnerships and linkages with diverse audiences and universities.† He is particularly well respected for his efforts in support of agricultural programs in Mississippi:

†††† NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we take pride in recognizing Mr. Clifford J. Hampton, Special Projects Coordinator, Mississippi State University Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, in observance of Black History Month as a member of both the MAFES and MSU-ES administration teams, and for his commitment to positive advancement of diversity at Mississippi State University and in the entire State of Mississippi.

†††† BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Mr. Hampton in recognition of his commitment to higher education, be forwarded to the President of Mississippi State University and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.