2005 Regular Session

To: Fees and Salaries of Public Officers; Education

By: Representative Frierson

House Bill 1115



     SECTION 1.  Section 37-3-13, Mississippi Code of 1972, is brought forward as follows:

     37-3-13.  (1)  Until July 1, 1984, the Assistant State Superintendent of Public Education, the directors, supervisors, clerical assistants, and employees shall be selected by, and hold office subject to the will of, the State Superintendent, except as provided in Section 37-3-17.  The Assistant State Superintendent may be authorized to act in the absence or disability of the State Superintendent and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the State Superintendent.  The State Superintendent shall have the power to assign to any division such clerical help as he may deem necessary and to discharge such clerical help among the divisions at any time necessity requires, except as provided in Section 37-3-17.

     (2)  From and after July 1, 1984, the deputy superintendents, associate superintendents and directors shall be selected by and hold office subject to the will of the State Superintendent of Public Education subject to the approval of the State Board of Education.  All other personnel shall be competitively appointed by the State Superintendent and shall be dismissed only for cause in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Personnel Board.  The State Board of Education shall set the salary of the deputy superintendents, associate superintendents and divisional directors, and the members of the teaching staffs and employees of the Mississippi School of the Arts.  The State Superintendent, subject to the approval of the State Personnel Board, shall fix the amount of compensation of all other employees of the State Department of Education.  All salaries, compensation or expenses of any of the personnel of the department shall be paid upon the requisition of the State Superintendent of Public Education and warrant issued thereunder by the State Auditor out of funds appropriated by the Legislature in a lump sum upon the basis of budgetary requirements submitted by the Superintendent of Education or out of funds otherwise made available.  The entire expense of administering the department shall never exceed the amount appropriated therefor, plus funds received from other sources other than state appropriations.  For a violation of this provision, the superintendent shall be liable, and he and the sureties on his bond shall be required to restore any such excess.

     SECTION 2.  Section 37-6-13, Mississippi Code of 1972, is brought forward as follows:

     37-6-13.  (1)  Each person serving as a member of the school board of any school district shall receive per diem in the amount of Sixty-seven Dollars ($67.00) for no more than thirty-six (36) meetings of the school board during any one (1) fiscal year or, in his or her discretion, irrevocably may choose to receive as compensation for his or her services an annual salary in the amount of Two Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($2,400.00), which choice shall remain in force for all successive terms or periods of service of that member.  The receipt of the compensation shall not entitle any member of a school board to receive or be eligible for any state employee group insurance, retirement or other fringe benefits.  Each member shall be reimbursed for the necessary expenses and mileage in attending meetings of the school board.  In addition to the foregoing, all members may be reimbursed for mileage and actual expenses incurred in the further performance of their duties, including attendance at any mandatory school board training session or at regional and national education meetings, when such mileage and other expenses are authorized by the board prior to the date on which they occur.  Detailed vouchers shall be submitted for reimbursement for all expenses authorized by this section.  Such reimbursement shall be in accordance with Section 25-3-41.

     Such expenses shall be paid on order of the school board by pay certificates issued by the superintendent of the school district involved against the funds available for payment of the administrative expense of the district.

     (2)  (a)  If a member of a school board misses twenty percent (20%) or more of the meetings of the school board during a calendar year, except for absences caused by required military duty, the member must reimburse the school district that portion of the total salary paid to the member that year which is proportionate to the number of meetings missed by the member in relation to the total number of school board meetings held during that year.  For purposes of this subsection, consideration may be given only to meetings of which public notice is required. 

          (b)  Before February 1 of each year, the president of each local school board shall submit a report to the State Board of Education containing the names of any members of the school board who missed twenty percent (20%) or more of the school board meetings during the preceding calendar year.

     SECTION 3.  Section 37-9-33, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:

 * * *

     37-9-33.  In employing and contracting with appointed superintendents, principals and certificated employees, the school board shall in all cases determine whether the amount of salary to be paid such superintendent, principals and certificated employees is in compliance with the provisions of the adequate education program.  No contract shall be entered into where the salary of a superintendent, principal or certificated employee is to be paid in whole or in part from adequate education program funds except where the requirements of said chapter as to the amount of such salary are fully met.  Nothing herein shall be construed, however, to prohibit any school district from increasing the salaries of appointed superintendents, principals and certificated employees above the amounts fixed by said chapter, provided that the amount of such increase is paid from funds available to such district other than adequate program funds.

     SECTION 4.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after July 1, 2005.