2002 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Little, Gordon, Posey, Stogner, Chaney, Nunnelee, King, Harden, Burton, Jackson, Browning, Jordan, Smith, Furniss, Williamson, Michel, Hyde-Smith, Huggins, Moffatt, Carmichael, Johnson (19th), Hamilton, Ross, Dearing, Hewes, White (29th), Thames, Gollott, Harvey, Scoper, Kirby, Farris, Frazier, Dawkins, Minor, Chamberlin, Bryan

Senate Resolution 42

(As Adopted by Senate)


     WHEREAS, the Bluz Boys celebrated their 20th Anniversary at the Mal's 20th Annual St. Paddy's Parade in downtown Jackson on March 16, 2002; and

     WHEREAS, the group's impromptu concert in the parking lot of the George Street Restaurant at the close of the first St. Patrick's Day Parade was the genesis of the traditional street dance at the end of the annual parade.  The band's performance is still the main attraction at the end of the parade route, playing front and center for the street dance; and

     WHEREAS, parade organizer Malcolm White was one of the original members of the Bluz Boys, which began as a student-teacher project at Hinds Community College in Raymond, and he remains a fan and supporter; and

     WHEREAS, the 15-piece Bluz Boys is a Jackson-based rhythm and blues '60s-soul band inspired by Saturday Night Live's legendary duo Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, better known as the "Blues Brothers" played by John Belushi and Dan Akroyd; and

     WHEREAS, by day, the musicians work as lawyers, executives, teachers and accountants, only donning their dark suits, fedoras and trademark shades at night and on weekends to do what they love:  make music; and

     WHEREAS, the Bluz Boys band has made the transition from a for-fun pick-up band to a novelty niche act to a tight and well-rehearsed act with a diverse fan base and a regional reputation for excellence; and

     WHEREAS, the band includes backup singers, a six-piece horn section and a rhythm section of keyboards, bass, lead guitar and drums; and

     WHEREAS, "Howlin" John Broderick and Bill "The Hit Man" Boutwell are the male vocalists, and the Bluzettes include Panga Wilson, Audrey Foster and Debbie Buie on vocals; and

     WHEREAS, Richard Beverly, Russel Thomas, David Battaglia, Booker Walker, Paul Adams and Bob Davidson make up the horn section; and

     WHEREAS, the rhythm section is comprised of Tom Atkinson, Steve Newman, Tony Santangelo and Bud Berthold; and

     WHEREAS, Bob Davidson's "day job" is that he serves this Senate as Director of Legislative Services; and

     WHEREAS, Davidson's love of music is expressed not only in his performance, musical arrangement, directing and booking duties with the Bluz Boys; Davidson also plays with and directs the Sessions, a jazz band, and the Capitol City Stage Band, known for its "Big Band" sound; and

     WHEREAS, it is with great pride that we recognize the unique musical talent of this group of musicians who have honed their craft and provided entertainment for fans of all ages, bringing recognition to their community and to the State of Mississippi thereby:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend and congratulate the Bluz Boys, the hardest working band in Jackson, Mississippi, upon the occasion of their 20th Anniversary of performing for the Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade, and wish them every success in their future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to the Bluz Boys, and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.