2002 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Gollott, Hewes, Cuevas, Burton, Farris, Horhn, Frazier, Smith, Dearing, Harden, Simmons, Posey, Johnson (38th), Hamilton, Lee, Moffatt, Harvey, Jordan, King, Kirby, White (29th), Little, Gordon, Chaney, Furniss, Turner, Robertson, Thames, Minor, Johnson (19th), Browning, Mettetal, Nunnelee, Blackmon, Ross, Tollison, Jackson

Senate Concurrent Resolution 503

(As Adopted by Senate and House)


     WHEREAS, after more than 30 years in public service, former State Senator Clyde Woodfield passed away on Sunday, September 30, 2001, at 69 years of age; and

     WHEREAS, Woodfield, whose political career spanned some of the most tumultuous years in recent Mississippi history, helped see the Coast through desegregation and Hurricane Camille in the longest legislative session in Mississippi history; and

     WHEREAS, former State Senator Clyde Woodfield spent more than three decades in public service, including:  1968 to 1972, State House of Representatives; 1984 to 1988, State House of Representatives; and 1988 to 2000, Senate, District 48; and

     WHEREAS during his years in the Legislature, he served on nine committees:  Business and Financial Institutions, Chairman; Rules, Vice Chairman; Appropriations; Economic Development, Tourism and Parks; Highways and Transportation; Municipalities; Public Health and Welfare; Public Utilities; and Wildlife and Fisheries; and

     WHEREAS, his wife of 35 years, Sharon M. Woodfield, remembers those years, and her husband's dedication to his constituents, particularly the people of the Coast:  "More than anything, he loved this Gulf Coast," she said.  "He wanted to see it prosper and grow but see it retain what brought everyone here.  He wanted to keep everyone safe and pure.  He gave it everything he had.  He was just dedicated"; and

     WHEREAS, Woodfield ran two businesses in addition to his years in the Legislature; he built, owned and operated the Sahara Motel and Restaurant for 28 years, and owned and operated Woodfield Farms for 35 years, a sprawling pecan grove on Mississippi Highway 49; and

     WHEREAS, he was a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and since retiring from the State Senate, he was employed with the Anteon Corporation at the Stennis Space Center and for the Department of Marine Resources.  He served on the Board of Directors for the Memorial Hospital at Gulfport and the Salvation Army; and

     WHEREAS, much of the work Woodfield did in the Legislature is currently being put to work in the Coast community.  He helped see the formation of the 15-member Coast Transportation Commission that was designed to unify efforts to develop a new east-west road through Harrison County; and

     WHEREAS, survivors include his wife, Sharon M. Woodfield of Gulfport; three sons, John Vernon Woodfield of Long Beach, Michael Allen Woodfield of Gulfport, and Charles David Lane of New Orleans; one daughter, Kelly Margaret Sevier of Tallulah, Louisiana; and four grandchildren; and

     WHEREAS, it is with great sadness that we note the passing of Clyde Woodfield, with whom we recall countless fond memories as a politician and friend:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby commend the life and legacy of service of former Senator Clyde Woodfield and express the sympathy of the Legislature on his passing.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to his wife, Sharon, and members of his family, and be made available to members of the Capitol Press Corps.