2002 Regular Session

To: Apportionment and Elections

By: Representative Reynolds

Joint Resolution 1

(As Adopted by Senate)


     WHEREAS, Section 254, Mississippi Constitution of 1890, requires that the Mississippi Legislature shall apportion itself by joint resolution in the second year following the 1980 decennial census and every ten (10) years thereafter; and

     WHEREAS, it is the responsibility and official mandate of the Legislature to reapportion the state in compliance with the one-person, one-vote requirement of the federal Constitution into election districts as nearly equal as possible according to population and in accordance with other factors heretofore pronounced by the courts; and

     WHEREAS, Section 254, Mississippi Constitution of 1890, provides that the House of Representatives shall consist of not more than one hundred twenty-two (122) Representatives, the number of members to be determined by the Legislature:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That the Mississippi House of Representatives shall consist of one hundred twenty-two (122) Representatives who shall be elected from one hundred twenty-two (122) single-member districts, composed as follows:


     Alcorn County - Five-Point, Farmington and Glen Precincts.

     Tishomingo County - Hubbard-Salem, North Iuka, Iuka, Coles Mill, North Burnsville, West Burnsville, Burnsville, East Iuka, Spring Hill, West Iuka, Paden, West Tishomingo, North Belmont, Cotton Springs and Belmont Precincts.


     Alcorn County - North Corinth, Wenasoga, East Third Street, South Corinth, Biggersville, College Hill, Kossuth, West Corinth, Union Center and East Corinth Precincts.


     Alcorn County - Jacinto, Rienzi and Bethel Precincts.

     Prentiss County - New Chandler, Tuscumbia, Thrasher, Booneville, Pisgah, Crossroads, Blackland, West Booneville, East Prentiss, New Site, Roaring Hollow, Marietta, East Booneville, Odom Hill, New Hope, Martin Hill and North Booneville Precincts.


     Tippah County - All.

     Benton County - Harris Mill Precinct.

     Union County - Kennedy Shop, Graham and Jerricho Precincts.


     Marshall County - N. Holly Springs District 1, Hudsonville, Victoria, Warsaw, Watson, Wall Hill, Marianna, Chulahoma, South Holly Springs, *West Holly Springs, *North Holly Springs District 2, *Early Grove, *Slayden, *North Cayce, *Byhalia, *Cayce and *Laws Hill Precincts.

     Benton County - *Lamar and *Ashland Precincts.


     DeSoto County - Mineral Wells, Lewisburg East, Pleasant Hill, Alphaba, Lewisburg West, Bridgetown, Hernando East, Aldens, *Olive Branch South, *Miller, *Cockrum, *Plum Point, *Oak Grove, *Nesbit East and *Hernando West Precincts.


     DeSoto County - Southhaven South, Southhaven North, Greenbrook South, Elmore, Hope Sullivan, *Greenbrook North and *Plum Point Precincts.


     DeSoto County - Ingrams Mill, Love, *Fairhaven, *Miller and *Cockrum Precincts.

     Tate County - Senatobia No. 1, Sarah, Sherrod, Strayhorn, Senatobia No. 2, Coldwater No. 2, Poagville, Palestine, Senatobia No. 5, Thyatira, Independence, *Evansville and *Looxahoma Precincts.


     Coahoma County - Coahoma, *Lyon, *Friars Point and *Jonestown Precincts.

     Panola County - Longtown, Crenshaw and *West Como Precincts.

     Quitman County - Sledge, Crenshaw, Darling, Belen, Northwest Marks, Northeast Marks, *East Marks-Northeast Lambert, *Southwest Marks and *West Lambert Precincts.

     Tate County - Arkabutla, Coldwater No. 3 and *Evansville Precincts.

     Tunica County - Watsonville, Prichard, Tunica, Courthouse, Evansville, Superintendent of Education, Two-Mile Lake and *County Administration Building Precincts.


     Lafayette County - Yocona, Airport Grocery, Delay, *Denmark, *Philadelphia, *Free Springs, *Abbeville, *College Hill, *Burgess, *Oxford 4 and *Oxford 5 Precincts.

     Panola County - East Sardis, Cold Springs, Tocowa, Pope, Coles Point, North Springport, South Springport, Eureka, East Batesville 4, Fern Hill, East Batesville 5, *Courtland, *Batesville 3 and *North Batesville A Precincts.

     Tallahatchie County - Teasdale Precinct.


     Panola County - West Sardis, East Como, Pleasant Mount, Pleasant Grove, South Sardis, Belmont-Hebron, Curtis, North Asa, East Crowder, West Batesville 4, North Batesville B, *West Como, *Courtland, *Batesville 3 and *North Batesville A Precincts.

     Tate County - Senatobia No. 4, Tyro, Wyatte and Looxahoma Precincts.


     Lafayette County - Oxford 1, Oxford 2, *Oxford 3, *Oxford 4 and *Oxford 5 Precincts.


     Benton County - Hopewell, Canaan, Fairgrounds, Michigan City, Shawnee, Floyd, Winborn, Hickory Flat, *Lamar and *Ashland Precincts.

     Lafayette County - Higgingbotham, Paris, Mullins, Tula, Spring Hill, *Denmark, *Philadelphia, *Free Springs and *Abbeville Precincts.

     Marshall County - Redbanks, Mt. Pleasant, Potts Camp, Cornersville, Bethlehem, Waterford, *West Holly Springs, *North Holly Springs District 2, *Early Grove, *Slayden, *North Cayce and *Laws Hill Precincts.

     Union County - Macedonia, Blythe and *West Union Precincts.


     Pontotoc County - Thaxton and *Hurricane Precincts.

     Union County - North Myrtle, South Myrtle, Glenfield, Firehouse, Pumpkin Center, Pinedale, Poolville, Courthouse, Martin, Ingomar, Hardin, Harmony, Kings Chapel, South New Albany, Fairgrounds, Concord, Northhaven, Beacon Hill, North New Albany, Plentitude, Blue Springs, Southeast New Albany, Community House, Center, Ellistown, Fairfield, New Harmony, East New Albany, Mattie Thompson, Locust Grove, Keownville, Pleasant Ridge, Daniel School and *West Union Precincts.


     Pontotoc County - Friendship, Cherry Creek, Oak Hill, Bethel/Endville, Sherman, Pontotoc 1, Ecru, Buchanan, Toccopola, Turnpike, Pontotoc 2, North Randolph, Springville, Pontotoc 3, Bankhead, Pontotoc 4, Longview, Hoyle, Zion, Woodland, Algoma, Beckham, Troy, Pontotoc 5 and *Hurricane Precincts.


     Lee County - East Heights, Old Union, Tupelo 4 South, Nettleton, Petersburg, Shannon, Brewer, Plantersville, Kedron, Tupelo 5, Verona, *Tupelo 3 and *Tupelo 4 North Precincts.


     Lee County - Belden, Bissell, Pleasant Grove, Palmetto A and B, *Tupelo 2, *Tupelo 3 and *Tupelo 4 North Precincts.


     Lee County - Baldwin, Pratts, Guntown, Fellowship, Tupelo 1, Blair, Euclautubba, Smiths Store, Saltillo, Davis Box, Corrona, Beech Springs, Flowerdale, *Tupelo 2, *Tupelo 3 and *Tupelo 4 North Precincts.

     Prentiss County - Geeville, Wheeler, Ingram and Baldwyn Precincts.


     Itawamba County - Copeland, Pineville, Ryan, Ozark, Kirkville, Ratliff, Mantachie, Centerville, Fawn Grove and Dorsey Precincts.

     Lee County - Friendshp, Unity, Hebron, Oakhill, Eggville, Gilvo 1, Mooreville 1, Auburn A and B, Richmond, Gilvo 5 and Mooreville 5 Precincts.

     Tishomingo County - Tishomingo, Dennis, East Belmont and Golden Precincts.


     Monroe County - Oak Hill, Williams, Parham, Hatley, Brooks, Amory 1, Pickles, Greenwood Springs, Quincy, Becker, Amory 2, Gattman, Bartahatchie, Grubb Springs, Hamilton, Lackey, Athens, Darracott, Strong, Amory 5, *Aberdeen 3 and *South Aberdeen 4 Precincts.

     Lowndes County - *Air Base A, *Air Base B and *Air Base C Precincts.


     Itawamba County - Pleasanton, Fulton District 1 Courthouse, Friendship, Greenwood, Evergreen, Carolina, Cardsville, Fulton District 4 American Legion, Tilden, Turon, Hampton, James Creek, Tremont, Wigginton, Oakland, New Salem, Clay, Armony, Mt. Gilead, Bounds and Fulton District 5 Firestation Precincts.

     Monroe County - Smithville, Bigbee 1, Boyds, North Aberdeen 4, Bigbee 5, Wren, *Willis, *Central Grove and *Nettleton Precincts.


     Chickasaw County - All.

     Calhoun County - New Liberty and Vardaman Precincts.

     Pontotoc County - South Randolph, Judah and Robbs Precincts.


     Calhoun County - Pittsboro 1, Bruce 1, Northeast Calhoun, Reid, Pittsboro 2, Bruce 2, Banner, Herron, Ellard, Bruce 3, Bentley, Calhoun City 4, Slate Springs, Denton Town, Sabougla, Pleasant Hill, Wardell, Derma 5 and *Calhoun City 1 Precincts.

     Oktibbeha County - Adaton, Maben, *West Starkville, *North Longview, *Self Creek, *Center Grove, *South Starkville, *South Longview and *Central Starkville Precincts.

     Webster County - Eupora 1, *Bluff Springs, *Bellefontaine, *Maben, *Fame, *Cumberland and *Mantee Precincts.

     Clay County - *Pheba Precinct.


     Calhoun County - Big Creek and *Calhoun City 1 Precincts.

     Grenada County - Grenada Box 1, Gore Springs, Futheyville, Grenada Box 3, Kirkman, Mt. Nebo, Pleasant Grove, Geeslin, Hardy, Pea Ridge, *Tie Plant, *Elliott, *Sweethome, *Grenada Box 2, *Grenada Box 4, *Grenada Box 5 and *Holcomb Precincts.

     Yalobusha County - Vanns Mill, Skuna Valley, Coffeeville 5, Scobey and Tillatoba Precincts.


     Coahoma County - Lula, Farrell, Sherard, Rena Lara, Bobo, *Lyon, *Friars Point, *Clarksdale 2-4 and *Clarksdale 5-4 Precincts.

     DeSoto County - Lake Cormorant, Eudora, Nesbit West, *Walls, *Oak Grove, *Nesbit East and *Hernando West Precincts.

     Tunica County - Robinsonville, Westend Store and *County Administration Building Precincts.


     Coahoma County - Clarksdale 1-4, Dublin, Clarksdale 3-3, Clarksdale 3-4, Cagle Crossing, Clarksdale 4-2, Clarksdale 4-3, Roundaway, *Lyon, *Clarksdale 2-4, *Jonestown and *Clarksdale 5-4 Precincts.

     Quitman County - Crowder, *East Marks-Northeast Lambert, *Southwest Marks, *West Lambert and *Lambert Precincts.


     Attala County - McAdams, Sallis, *South Central, *Northeast, *Northwest, *Aponaug, *Newport, *Southwest and *East Precincts.

     Leake County - West Carthage, Wiggins, Thomastown, Ofahoma, *Lela, *South Carthage and *Walnut Grove Precincts.

     Madison County - Cameron, Couparle, Camden, Sharon, Luther Branson School and *Ratliff Ferry Precincts.

     Yazoo County - East Bentonia, Fugates, Deasonville, Harttown, East Midway, *Dover and *West Bentonia Precincts.


     Bolivar County - Longshot, West Central Cleveland, West Cleveland, Boyle, Skene, Shaw, Choctaw, *Cleveland Courthouse and *South Cleveland Precincts.

     Sunflower County - Indianola 3 Northeast, Fairview-Hale and *Indianola 3 North Precincts.

     Washington County - Leland Health Department Clinic, *Leland Light and Water Plant and *Grace Methodist Church Precincts.


     Bolivar County - Gunnison, West Rosedale, Pace, Benoit, Scott, Stringtown, East Rosedale, Pleasant Green, Beulah, East Central Cleveland, Northwest Cleveland, Mount Bayou, Winstonville, Roundlake/Deeson, Merigold, East Cleveland, North Cleveland, Renova, Cleveland Eastgate, *Duncan/Alligator, *Cleveland Courthouse and *South Cleveland Precincts.


     Bolivar County - Shelby and *Duncan/Alligator Precincts.

     Leflore County - Minter City Precinct.

     Sunflower County - Rome, Drew and *Ruleville Precincts.

     Tallahatchie County - Brazil, Webb Beat 2, Sumner Beat 2, Cowart, Tippo, Philipp, Glendora, Webb Beat 4, Webb Beat 5, Sumner Beat 5 and Tutwiler Precincts.

     Quitman County - *West Lambert and *Lambert Precincts.


     Sunflower County - Inverness, Indianola 1, Moorhead, Indianola 2 West, Indianola 2 East, Sunflower, Indianola 3 South, Doddsville, Boyer-Linn, Sunflower 4, Sunflower Plantation, Ruleville North, *Indianola 3 North and *Ruleville Precincts.


     Leflore County - Northeast Greenwood, East Greenwood Sub-A, East Greenwood Sub-B, Central Greenwood, West Greenwood, Mississippi Valley State University, Southwest Greenwood, Rising Sun, Southeast Greenwood, South Greenwood and *North Greenwood Precincts.


     Lafayette County - Taylor, Orwood, Shackleford, *College Hill, *Burgess, *Oxford 4 and *Oxford 5 Precincts.

     Tallahatchie County - Enid, Springhill, Charleston Beat 1, Charleston Beat 2, Charleston Beat 3, Paynes, Leverette, Cascilla, Murphreesboro and Rosebloom Precincts.

     Yalobusha County - South, North, Southeast, Northeast, Sylva Rena, Northwest, Oakland and Coffeeville 4 Precincts.


     Carroll County - Summerfield, North Carrollton Sub-B, Firetower, Salem, 430 School, *North Carrollton Sub-A, *West Vaiden and *East Vaiden Precincts.

     Humphreys County - Four Mile, Isola and *North Belzoni Precincts.

     Leflore County - Schlater, North Itta Bena, South Itta Bena,

Sidon, Morgan City, Swiftown, *North Greenwood and *Money Precincts.

     Montgomery County - Southeast Winona, *East Winona and *South Winona Precincts.

     Washington County - Avon Health Center, Darlove Baptist Church, Mangelardi Bourbon Store, *St. James Episcopal Church, *Wards Recreation Center and *Hollandale City Hall Precincts.

     Holmes County - *Acona and *Cruger Precincts.


     Choctaw County - Wise Store, Fentress, Chester, Sherwood, Reform, Hebron, West Weir, French Camp, Kenago, North Highway 12, North Ackerman, South Ackerman, South Highway 12 and *East Weir Precincts.

     Grenada County - Providence Precinct.

     Oktibbeha County - Double Springs, Craig Springs, Bradley, Sturgis, *West Starkville, *North Longview, *Self Creek, *South Starkville, *South Longview, *Gillespie Street Center and *Oktoc Precincts.

     Webster County - Cadaretta, North Walthall, South Walthall, Eupora 2, Fay, Eupora 3, Tomnolen, Grady, Big Black, Mathiston, Clarkson, *Bluff Springs, *Bellefontaine, *Maben, *Fame, *Cumberland and *Mantee Precincts.


     Clay County - Vinton, North West Point, Union Star, Cairo, Caradine, Una, West West Point, Pine Bluff, *Tibbee, *East West Point, *Siloam and *Central West Point Precincts.

     Monroe County - Muldon, Prairie, Gibson, *Aberdeen 3, *South Aberdeen 4, *Willis, *Central Grove and *Nettleton Precincts.

     Lowndes County - *Air Base A, *Air Base B and *Air Base C Precincts.


     Lowndes County - Plum Grove B, Mayhew, *Rural Hill A, *New Hope A, *New Hope B and *West Lowndes Precincts.

     Clay County - *Tibbee, *East West Point, *Siloam, *Central West Point, *South West Point, *Cedar Bluff and *Pheba Precincts.

     Oktibbeha County - *West Starkville, *Northeast Starkville, *East Starkville, *North Starkville, *Center Grove, *South Starkville, *Central Starkville and *Gillespie Street Center Precincts.


     Lowndes County - Plum Grove A, Crawford A, Crawford B, Crawford C and Artesia Precincts.

     Oktibbeha County - Osborn, Hickory Grove, Bell Schoolhouse, Sessums, *Northeast Starkville, *East Starkville, *North Starkville, *South Starkville, *Central Starkville, *Gillespie Street Center and *Oktoc Precincts.

     Clay County - *East West Point, *South West Point and *Cedar Bluff Precincts.

     Noxubee County - *Brooksville Precinct.


     Lowndes County - Caledonia, Steens A, Steens B, Caldwell, Steens C, Co-op B, Lee High, Air Base D, Rural Hill B, *Co-op A, *Sale, *Brandon A, *Brandon B, *Air Base, *Rural Hill A, *New Hope A, *New Hope B, *Union Academy A and *West Lowndes Precincts.


     DeSoto County - Southaven West, Twin Lakes and Holly Hills, Horn Lake West, Horn Lake East and *Walls Precincts.


     Lowndes County - Fairview, Trinity, Coleman, Mitchell, Fairgrounds A, Fairgrounds B, Fairgrounds C, Plum Grove C, Stokes Beard, Hunt B, Hunt A, Union Academy B, University A, University B, Franklin A, Franklin B, Hunt C, *Co-op A, *Sale, *Brandon A, *Brandon B, *Rural Hill A, *New Hope B and *Union Academy A Precincts.


     Kemper County - City Hall and Fire Department, Farmers Market, Band Building, Porterville, Rush Mill, Kemper Springs, Oak Grove, Moscow, Bloomfield, Kellis Store, Lynville, Preston, Courthouse, Mt. Nebo Fire Station and *Whites Store Precincts.

     Lauderdale County - Daleville, Center Ridge, *Andrews Chapel, *East Lauderdale, *Kewanee and *Toomsuba Precincts.

     Noxubee County - Cliftonville, Deerbrook, Prairie Point, Noxubee County Vo-Tech Center, Noxubee County High School, Title 1 Building, Center Point, Paulette, Cooksville, East Macon, West Macon, Mashulaville, Sommerville, Shuqualak and *Brooksville Precincts.


     Winston County - All.

     Kemper County - Ft. Stevens, Sharon, Zion, Bluff Springs, Prince Chapel, *Lynwood and *Whites Store Precincts.

     Noxubee County - Hashuqua Precinct.


     Neshoba County - Tucker District 1, Arlington, Fork, New West Central Philadelphia, Hope, North Bend, Central, Northeast Philadelphia, Forestdale, Bogue Chitto, East Philadelphia, Southeast Philadelphia, Bloomfield, Tucker District 3, House, Herbert, Southwest Philadelphia, Deemer, Northwest Philadelphia, Burnside, East Neshoba, Fusky Stallo, *Zephyrhill, *Fairview, *McDonald and *Dixon Precincts.


     Leake County - Edinburg, East Carthage, Sunrise, Renfroe, North Carthage, Conway, Good Hope, Freeny Ebenezer, Salem, Madden, *Singleton, *South Carthage, *Lena and *Walnut Grove Precincts.

     Scott County - Harperville, Contrell and Ludlow Precincts.

     Neshoba County - *Zephyrhill and *Dixon Precincts.

     Rankin County - *Pisgah Precinct.


     Attala County - McCool and Berea Precincts.

     Carroll County - Calvary, Jefferson Sub-A, Rays Shop Sub-A, Jefferson Sub-B, Carrollton, Rays Shop Sub-B, West Carroll, Gravel Hill, Blackhawk and *North Carrollton Sub-A Precincts.

     Montgomery County - Mt. Pisgah, North Winona, Duck Hill, West Winona, Alva, Lodi, Kilmichael, Stewart, Nations, Poplar Creek, *East Winona and *South Winona Precincts.

     Grenada County - *Tie Plant, *Elliott, *Sweethome, *Grenada Box 4, *Granada Box 5 and *Holcomb Precincts.

     Leflore County - *North Greenwood and *Money Precincts.


     Holmes County - Lexington Beat 1, Coxburg, Ebenezer, Pickens, Goodman, Thornton, Lexington Beat 4, Beat 4 Walden Chapel, Lexington Beat 5, *Durant and *Sub Durant Precincts.

     Yazoo County - Eden, Free Run, West Midway, Carter, Lake City, Ward 5, *Ward 4 and *Holly Bluff Precincts.

     Attala County - *Newport Precinct.


     Attala County - Williamsville, Liberty Chapel, Carmack, Hesterville, Possumneck, North Central, Thompson, Zama, Providence, Ethel, *South Central, *Northeast, *Northwest, *Aponaug and *East Precincts.

     Choctaw County - Panhandle, Southwest Ackerman and *East Weir Precincts.

     Holmes County - West, Tchula, *Acona, *Durant, *Sub Durant and *Cruger Precincts.

     Humphreys County - Putnam Precinct.

     Carroll County - *West Vaiden and *East Vaiden Precincts.

     Leake County - *Singleton Precinct.


     Washington County - Extension Building, Faith Lutheran Church, Brent Center, Greenville Industrial College, *St. James Episcopal Church, *Swiftwater Baptist Church, *Italian Club, *Buster Brown Community Center, *Kapco Company and *Grace Methodist Church Precincts.


     Washington County - Arcola City Hall, William Percy Library, American Legion, Metcalfe City Hall, Elks Club, *St. James Episcopal Church, *Italian Club, *Wards Recreation Center, *Buster Brown Community Center, *Leland Light and Water Plant, *Hollandale City Hall and *Grace Methodist Church Precincts.


     Humphreys County - Northwest Belzoni, Gooden Lake, Silver City, Lake City, Southeast Belzoni, Central Belzoni, Midnight, Louise, Southwest Belzoni and *North Belzoni Precincts.

     Issaquena County - Mayersville Precinct.

     Sharkey County - Spanish Fort, Cary, Rolling Fork 2, Rolling Fork 3, Anguilla 4, Straight Bayou, Rolling Fork 4, Delta City and Anguilla 5 Precincts.

     Washington County - Glen Allan Health Clinic and *Swiftwater Baptist Church Precincts.

     Yazoo County - 3-1 West, 3-2 East, 3-3 Jonestown, 3-4 South, Enola, Fairview, *Valley, *Ward 2 and *Holly Bluff Precincts.


     DeSoto County - Olive Branch North, *Olive Branch South, *Fairhaven and *Miller Precincts.

     Marshall County - Barton, *North Cayce, *Byhalia and *Cayce  Precincts.


     Franklin County - Roxie, Hamburg, Antioch, Wesley Chapel, Bude, Independence, Bad Bayou, Whittington, Cains and *Knoxville Precincts.

     Lawrence County - Topeka, Center, Coopers Creek, *Courthouse and *West Monticello Precincts.

     Lincoln County - Alexander Junior High, Government Complex, High School, New Pearlhaven, Brignal, Bogue Chitto, Ruth, Norfield, Arlington, Johnson, *East Lincoln, *Forrestry, *Montgomery, *Rogers Circle and *Enterprise Precincts.

     Amite County - *New Zion, *Smithdale and *Tangipahoa Precincts.

     Pike County - Precincts *18A and *18.


     Issaquena County - Valley Park, Tallula, Addie and Grace Precincts.

     Sharkey County - Rolling Fork 1 Precinct.

     Warren County - Redwood, Yokena, Plumbers Hall, Beechwood, *Culkin, *3-61 Store, *Jett, *Goodrum Church, *Y.M.C.A., *Moose Lodge and *Tingleville Precincts.


     Warren County - St. Aloysius, Kings, Cedar Grove, Auditorium, Brunswick, Vicksburg Junior High School, American Legion Hall, No. 7 Fire Station, Elks Club, *Culkin, *Jett, *Y.M.C.A. and *Tingleville Precincts.


     Madison County - Whisper Lake, Smith School, *Gluckstadt, *Lorman-Cavalier and *Flora Precincts.

     Warren County - Oak Ridge, Bovina and *Culkin Precincts.

     Yazoo County - Center Ridge, Mechanicsburg, Phoenix, Robinette, Satartia, Benton, *Dover, *Valley, *West Bentonia, *Ward 2 and *Ward 4 Precincts.

     Hinds County - *Pinehaven, *Brownsville, *Tinnin, *Clinton 1, *Clinton 2 and *Clinton 3 Precincts.


     Madison County - Canton Precinct 2, Canton Precinct 3, Canton Precinct 7, Magnolia Heights, Virlilia, Canton Precinct 5, Liberty, New Industrial Park, Madison County Baptist Family Life Center, Canton Precinct 1, Canton Precinct 4, Bible Church, *Bear Creek, *Gluckstadt and *Flora Precincts.


     Madison County - Trace Harbor, Victory Baptist Church, Madison 1, Madison 2, *Madison 3, *Ridgeland 3, *Ridgeland 4, *Ridgeland First Methodist Church, *Ridgeland 1, *Cobblestone Church of God and *Highland Colony Baptist Church Precincts.


     Rankin County - Holbrook, Reservoir, Grants Ferry, West Crossgates, South Crossgates, *Castlewoods, *Fannin, *Flowood, *North Brandon, *East Crossgates, *Northeast Brandon, *Eldorado and *Mullins Precincts.


     Rankin County - Cato, Dry Creek, Antioch, Johns, Mayton, Crossroads, Shiloh, *North Richland, *Star, *Monterey, *South Pearson, *East Brandon, *North Brandon, *West Brandon, *Mullins and *South Brandon Precincts.

     Simpson County - *Jupiter Precinct.


     Rankin County - West Pearl, Crest Park, Cunningham Heights, North McLaurin, North Pearson, Patton Place, Pearl, South McLaurin, Springhill, *North Richland, *Flowood, *West Brandon, *Eldorado and *Mullins Precincts.


     Copiah County - Strong Hope-Union, Shady Grove, *Gallman East, *Georgetown North, *Georgetown South, *Wesson, *Beauregard, *Crystal Springs East and *Crystal Springs West Precincts.

     Rankin County - Clear Branch, Cleary, East Steens Creek, Mountain Creek, South Richland, West Steens Creek, *Star and *Monterey Precincts.

     Simpson County - *Pearl Precinct.


     Hinds County - Bolton, Edwards, Cayuga, St. Thomas, Learned, Chapel Hill, Utica 2, *Pinehaven, *Brownsville, *Utica 1, *94, *91, *Raymond 1, *Raymond 2, *Spring Ridge and *Dry Grove Precincts.


     Hinds County - Precincts 36, 44, 45, 46, 78, *34, *35 and *79.

     Madison County - Main Harbor and Ridgeland 3 Precincts.


     Hinds County - Precincts 12, 13, 15, 16, 39, 40, 41, *37, *80, *81, *82, *14 and *30.

     Madison County - *Ridgeland 1 and *Cobblestone Church of God Precincts.


     Hinds County - Precincts 33, 38, 42, 43, 32, 17, *34, *35, *37, *5, *8, *9, *79, *80, *82, *14 and *6.


     Hinds County - Precincts 27, 29, 21, 22, 24, 26, 31, Clinton 6, 20, 63, *30, *87, *Clinton 1, *Clinton 2, *1, *2, *19 and *47.


     Hinds County - Precincts 54, 55, 56, 57, 60, 61, 62, 88, *59, *67, *87, *90, *Clinton 2, *Raymond 1 and *Spring Ridge.


     Hinds County - Precincts 89, 93, 66, 50, 51, 52, 53, 58, Jackson State, *59, *67, *68, *94, *90 and *92.


     Hinds County - Precincts 11, 23, 28, 69, 4, 70, 10, 18, 64, *5, *8, *9, *68, *1, *2, *6, *72, *19 and *47.


     Hinds County - Precincts 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 95, 77, 97, *92, *96 and *72.

     Rankin County - Whitfield, *North Richland and *South Pearson Precincts.


     Hinds County - Precincts 83, 25, 85, 86, 84, Cynthia, Pocahontas, Clinton 4, Clinton 5, *81, *Pinehaven, *Tinnin and *Clinton 3.

     Madison County - Tougaloo, *Ridgeland First Methodist Church and *Lorman-Cavalier Precincts.


     Hinds County - Byram 1, Byram 2, Old Byram, *94, *91, *Raymond 1, *Raymond 2, *Spring Ridge, *96, *Terry and *Dry Grove Precincts.


     Madison County - Madisonville, *Ratliff Ferry, *Bear Creek, *Madison 3, *Ridgeland First Methodist Church, *Gluckstadt and *Highland Colony Baptist Church Precincts.

     Rankin County - Leesburg, Pelahatchie, Oakdale, *Castlewoods, *Fannin, *East Brandon, *North Brandon, *East Crossgates, *Pisgah, *Northeast Brandon, *Mullins and *South Brandon Precincts.


     Scott County - Hillsboro, North Forest, South Forest, Lake, High Hill, Homewood, East-West Morton, Northwest Forest, Pulaski, Springfield, Cooperville, Clifton, Forkville, North Morton, Liberty, Northeast Forest, Langs Mill and Steele Precincts.


     Claiborne County - District 5A, District 5B and *District 1B Precincts.

     Copiah County - Gallman West, Hazlehurst East, Hazlehurst South, Martinsville, Centerpoint, Hazlehurst West, Hazlehurst North, Carpenter, Dentville, Crystal Springs South, Crystal Springs North, *Gallman East, *Georgetown North, *Beauregard, *Crystal Springs East and *Crystal Springs West Precincts.

     Hinds County - *Terry Precinct.


     Rankin County - Puckett Precinct.

     Simpson County - Magee 1, Weathersby, Mendenhall 1, Magee 2, Sumrall, Mendenhall 3, D'Lo, Dry Creek, Magee 4-N, Magee 4-S, Pinola, Shivers, Braxton, Merit, Harrisville, *Jupiter, *Oak Grove, *Fork Church and *Pearl Precincts.

     Smith County - White Oak and *Polkville Precincts.


     Neshoba County - Countyline, Golden Grove, Union, Hays, Neshoba, New Sierra, *Fairview, *McDonald and *Dixon Precincts.

     Newton County - Union 1, Decatur 1, Decatur 1-A, Union 2, Duffee, Chapel Hill, Little Rock, Union 3, Scanlan, Conehatta, Prospect, Hazel, Hickory, *Newton 1, *Newton 4 and *Chunky Precincts.

     Scott County - Usry, Sebastapol and Salem Precincts.


     Covington County - Station Creek, Okahay, Gilmer and *Yawn Precincts.

     Jones County - Gitano, Hebron, *Bruce, *Calhoun and *Soso Precincts.

     Smith County - Center Ridge, Sylvarena, Vo-Tech, Pleasant Home, Union-New Home, Summerland, Warren Hill, Zion Hill-New Haven, Taylorsville, Mize, West Raleigh, Shady Grove, North Raleigh, Burns, Clear Springs-Pineville, Lorena-Spinola and *Polkville Precincts.


     Clarke County - Langsdale, Hale, Oak Grove, Shubuta, Beaver Dam, *DeSoto and *Pachuta Precincts.

     Jasper County - Cooks Mill, Vossburg, Philadelphia and Heidelberg Precincts.

     Jones County - Cameron Center, Anthonys Florist, Erata, Sandersville Civic Center, Cooks Avenue Community Center, National Guard Armory, Nora Davis School, Oak Park School, Pendorf, Maple Street YWCA, Old Health Department, *Sharon and *Stainton Precincts.


     Clarke County - Energy, Snell, Pineridge and Springs Precincts.

     Lauderdale County - New Lauderdale, Alamucha, Obadiah, Pickard, Clarkdale, Culpepper, South Russell, Valley, Causeyville, 19, Vimville, Whynot, Zero, Mt. Gilead, *Andrews Chapel, *West Dalewood, *East Lauderdale, *East Marion, *Kewanee, *Toomsuba, *Russell, *Center Hill and *10 Precincts.


     Lauderdale County - Precincts 5, 6, 14, 4, 11, 12, 15, *1, *2, *3 and *10.


     Clarke County - Stonewall Beat 1, *South Quitman and *Enterprise Precincts.

     Lauderdale County - Odom, 9, Sageville, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18, *1, *Bailey, *Marion, *East Marion, *Russell, *2, *3, *10 and *Meehan Precincts.


     Clarke County - Harmony Beat 1, Nancy, Basic City, Stonewall Beat 3, Harmony Beat 3, Souinlovie, Union, North Quitman, Rolling Creek, Manassa, East Quitman, *South Quitman, *DeSoto, *Pachuta and *Enterprise Precincts.

     Jasper County - Fellowship Precinct.

     Lauderdale County - Collinsville, Martin, West Lauderdale, Pine Springs, Suqualena, South Nellieburg, *1, *Andrews Chapel, *Bailey, *Prospect, *3, *Center Hill, *10 and *Meehan Precincts.

     Newton County - *Chunky Precinct.


     Adams County - Liberty Park, *Bellemont, *Duncan Park, *Beau Pre, *Palestine, *Airport and *Washington Precincts.

     Claiborne County - District 1A, District 2, District 3A, District 3B, District 4A, District 4B, District 4C, *District 1B and *District 1C Precincts.

     Jefferson County - Bethesda, Red Lick, Union Church, Ebenezer, Harriston, McNair, Stampley, Fayette No. 2, Fayette No. 1, Fayette No. 3, Greens, Lorman and Sunnyside Precincts.

     Hinds County - *Utica 1 Precinct.

     Warren County - *Goodrum Church, *Moose Lodge and *Tingleville Precincts.


     Clarke County - Carmichael Precinct.

     Perry County - Richton School and Richton City Hall Precincts.

     Wayne County - Waynesboro 1, Chicora, Smithtown, Waynesboro 2, Big Rock, Winchester, Denham, Diamond, Waynesboro 3, Yellow Creek, Hiwanee, Chapparral, Matherville, Coit, Waynesboro 4, Mozingo, Beat 4 School, Pleasant Grove, Eucutta, Waynesboro 5, Clara, Corinth, Powers, Strengthford, *Buckatunna and *State Line Precincts.


     Jasper County - Antioch, Holders Church, Moss, Palestine, Midway, Ras, Rose Hill, Bay Springs Beat 3, Garlandsville, Louin, Montrose, Bay Springs Beat 4, Stringer and Claiborne Precincts.

     Newton County - Lawrence, Liberty, Newton 5, *Newton 1 and *Newton 4 Precincts.

     Jones County - *Sharon Precinct.


     Jones County - Centerville, Glade School, Myrick, Powers Community Center, Ovett, Rustin, Tuckers, Antioch, Blackwell, Johnson, Landrum Community Center, Moselle, Rainey, Sandhill, Shelton, Union, Currie, *Bruce and *Pinegrove Precincts.

     Perry County - Indian Springs, Prospect and Runnelstown Precincts.


     Jones County - Lamar School, Mason School, Shady Grove, Twenty-sixth Street Fire Station, Laurel Courthouse, Matthews, Pleasant Ridge, West Jones, County Barn, Ellisville Court House, South Jones, Roosevelt, *Calhoun, *Soso, *Pinegrove and Stainton Precincts.


     Covington County - Strahan, Seminary, West Collins, Lone Star, Richmond, Sanford, South Collins, Collins, Williamsburg, Black Jack, Mt. Olive, Rock Hill, Mitchell, *Dry Creek and *Yawn Precincts.

     Jefferson-Davis County - South Prentiss, Granby, Carson, Greens Creek, Melba, Goodhope, Clem and *Bassfield Beat 2 Precincts.

     Simpson County - Saratoga, New Hope, Bowie and *Oak Grove Precincts.

     Forrest County - *Rawls Springs Precinct.

     Marion County - *Broom and *Carley Precincts.


     Jefferson-Davis County - Bournham, Sons Academy, Bassfield Beat Three, Williamsons Mill, Mount Carmel, Northeast Prentiss, Gwinville, Hebron, Red House, Whiting, Northwest Prentiss and *Bassfield Beat Two Precincts.

     Lawrence County - Oma, Sontag, Wanilla, Nola, New Hebron, Stringer, Grange, Armory, Hooker, West Arm, East Arm, North Silver Creek, South Silver Creek, Peyton Town, Monticello Beat 5, *Courthouse, *West Monticello and *Oakvale Precincts.

     Simpson County - Oak Grove A, Bridgeport, Shivers A, *Oak Grove, *Fork Church Precincts.

     Copiah County - *Georgetown North and *Georgetown South Precincts.

     Covington County - *Dry Creek Precinct.


     Franklin County - Pine Grove, Meadville, Eddiceton, Quentin, McCall Creek and Lucien Precincts.

     Lincoln County - Fair River, Little Bahala, Heucks Retreat, Big Springs, New Sight, City Hall, Old Brook, West Lincoln, Johnson Grove, Halbert Heights, Northwest Brookhaven, Old Red Star, Loyd Star, Zetus, Vaughn, Caseyville, Lipsey School, *East Lincoln, *Forrestry, *Montgomery, *Rogers Circle and *Enterprise Precincts.

     Copiah County - *Wesson and *Beauregard Precincts.


     Hancock County - Ansley, Leetown, Flat Top, Catahoula, Pearlington, Stennis Space Center and Buffer Zone, Crane Creek, Kiln West, Fenton, Kiln East, Hancock North Central School, *Standard and *Dedeaux Precincts.

     Harrison County - West Saucier, *Advance and *Riceville Precincts.

     Lamar County - Yawn A, Lumberton A, Lumberton B and *Lumberton Precincts.

     Pearl River County - Steep Hollow and *Salem Precincts.

     Stone County - American Legion, Thomas Price, Project Road, Elarbee, Magnolia, *Perkinston and *McHenry Precincts.

     Forrest County - *Carnes Precinct.


     Adams County - Concord, Convention Center, Maryland Heights, Northside School, Thompson, Pine Ridge, Carpenter, Foster Mound, *Bellemont, *Duncan Park, *Morgantown, *Airport, *Oakland and *Washington Precincts.

     Jefferson County - Cannonsburg, Church Hill and Rodney Precincts.

     Claiborne County - *District 1C Precinct.


     Hancock County - Diamondhead East, Diamondhead West, *Standard and *Dedeaux Precincts.

     Harrison County - East Saucier, *New Hope, *East Lyman, *Advance, *East Orange Grove, *Riceville, *West Orange Grove, *West Lyman, *Outside Long Beach, *North Bel Aire and *South Bel Aire Precincts.


     Wilkinson County - All.

     Adams County - By-Pass Fire Station and *Beau Pre Precincts.

     Amite County - Liberty, Ariel, Berwick, East Centreville, Street, Amite River, Gloster, East Liberty, Riceville, South Liberty, Tickfaw, Walls, *Crosby, *East Fork and *Tangipahoa Precincts.

     Pike County - Precincts 10A, *9, *24 and *25.


     Adams County - Courthouse, Kingston, *Bellemont, *Duncan Park, *Beau Pre and *Palestine Precincts.

     Amite County - East Gloster, Zion Hill, Homochitto, Oneil, *New Zion, *Crosby, *East Fork, *Smithdale and *Tangipahoa Precincts.

     Lawrence County - Jayess, Tilton and *Oakvale Precincts.

     Pike County - Precincts 15, 19, 22, *21A, *9, *3, *12, *13, *18A, *19A, *17, *18, *21, *24 and *25.

     Walthall County - Sartinville, *Darbun, *District 4 West and *Enon Precincts.


     Pike County - Precincts 4, 6, 14, 20, 16, 7, 8, 10, 6A, 2, 1, 23, 26, 27, *21A, *9, *3, *11, *13, *19A, *17, *21, *24 and *25.

     Walthall County - Dinan, *Varnell, *District 4 West and *St. Paul Precincts.


     Lamar County - South Purvis A, South Purvis B, Yawn, Lumberton D, Lumberton E, Purvis A, Baxterville, Baxterville A, Baxterville B and *Lumberton C Precincts.

     Marion County - Foxworth, Stovall, Sandy Hook, Balls Mill, Pittman, Kokomo, *Morgantown and *Pinebur Precincts.

     Pike County -  Precincts 3A, *3, *11 and *12.

     Walthall County - Midway, North Kirklin, Lexie, South Kirklin, Mesa, West Tylertown, East Tylertown, North Knoxo, South Knoxo, Improve, Dexter, District 3 Tylertown, District 4 Tylertown, Hope, *Darbun, *Varnell, *District 4 West, *Enon and *St. Paul Precincts.


     Jefferson Davis County - Hathorn Precinct.

     Lamar County - Pine Grove, South Purvis, Prurvis, Purvis C, Purvis D, Greenville and *Purvis B Precincts.

     Marion County - National Guard Beat 1, Morris, Union, Popetown Beat 2, Cedar Grove, Goss, City Hall Beat 3, White Bluff, Darbun, Courthouse Beat 4, South Columbia, Jefferson Middle School, East Columbia, Hub, *Broom, *Carley, *Morgantown and *Pinebur Precincts.


     Lamar County - Northeast Lamar, Lamar Park, 40th Avenue, Breland East A, Arnold Line, Arnold Line A, Oak Grove, Midway, Midway A, Sumrall, Oloh, Rocky Branch, *Richburg, *Breland East and *Breland Precincts.

     Forrest County - *Rawls Springs Precinct.


     Forrest County - Blair High School, Westside, No. 4 Firestation, Pine Grove, USM Golf Course, Highland Park, North Heights, Pinecrest, Thames School, *Woodley School, *Timberton and Rawls Springs Precincts.

     Lamar County - *Breland East and *Breland Precincts.


     Forrest County - Grace Christian, Camp School, Eaton School, Davis School, Jones School, American Legion, Lillie Burney School, Walthall School, Rowan School, William Carey, Dixie Pine-Central, *Woodley School, *Dixie, *Timberton, *Eatonville and *Glendale Precincts.


     Forrest County - Rock Hill, Barrontown-Macedonia, Leeville, Petal Masonic Lodge, Sunrise, East Petal, McCallum, McLaurin, FCAHS, West Petal, Thames School Sub-A, *Dixie, *Eatonville and *Glendale Precincts.

     Lamar County - Okahola, 40th Avenue A, Breland East B, *Richburg, *Purvis B and *Breland East Precincts.


     Greene - All.

     Perry County - New Augusta Elementary, Beaumont Library, Richton Multi-Purpose, Hintonville, Arlington, N.A. Courthouse, Thompson Hill, Beaumont City Hall, Janice and Deep Creek Precincts.

     Forrest County - *Brooklyn Precinct.

     George County - *Rocky Creek Precinct.

     Wayne County - *Buckatunna and *State Line Precincts.


     Pearl River County - Poplarville Beat 1, White Sand Beat 1, Derby, Picayune Beat 1 East Side, Picayune Beat 1 South Side, Fords Creek, Byrd Line, Oak Hill, Poplarville Beat 2, Buck Branch, Mill Creek, White Sand Beat 2, Hickory Grove, Gum Pond, Poplarville Beat 3, Progress, Savannah, McNeil Beat 5, *McNeil Beat 3, *Picayune Beat 4 West, *Picayune Beat 4 East and *Caesar Precincts.

     Lamar County - *Lumberton and *Lumberton C Precincts.


     Forrest County - Maxie, *Brooklyn and *Carnes Precincts.

     George County - Ward, Multi-Mart, Courthouse, Lucedale Elementary School, Davis School, Basin School, Barton, Lucedale City Hall, Bexley School, Shady Grove, Salem School, Middle School, Twin Creek, Central School, Benndale Crossing, Broom School and *Rocky Creek Precincts.

     Jackson County - Carterville Precinct.

     Stone County - Bond, City Hall, Old Hospital, Tuxachanie, Courthouse, Flint Creek, Big Level, Pleasant Hill, *Perkinston and *McHenry Precincts.


     Pearl River County - Henleyfield, Picayune Beat 2, Ozona, Picayune Beat 3, Pine Grove, Picayune Beat 5, Carriere, Hide-A-Way/North Hills, *McNeil Beat 3, *Picayune Beat 4 West, *Picayune Beat 4 East, *Nicholson and *Salem Precincts.


     George County - Shipman, Pine Level, Agricola, Howell School and Movella Precincts.

     Jackson County - Orange Grove, West Escatawpa, East Escatawpa, Wade, Hurley, Big Point, Helena and *Recreation Center Precincts.


     Jackson County - Orange Grove A, Kreole, Central Elementary School, St. Peters, Fair, Chico Street A, Eastside, Jefferson Street, Griffin Heights, YMBC-Dantzler, WBC-Bellview, Jefferson Street A, Sue Ellen, Union Hall, *Arlington and *Recreation Center Precincts.


     Jackson County - Chico Street, First Presbyterian, American Legion, 11th Street, Country Club, Sacred Heart, Jackson Avenue, Eastlawn, Pinecrest, Nazarene, North Pascagoula, Girl Scouts, Fountainebleau A, *Arlington, *Gautier A, *Gautier B and *Fountainebleau Precincts.


     Jackson County - South Vancleave, Gautier, *Gautier A, *Gautier B and *North Vancleave Precincts.


     Jackson County - Ocean Springs Civic Center B, Ocean Springs City Hall, Ocean Springs Armory, Gulf Hills A, Ocean Springs Civic Center A, Ocean Springs Civic Center and *Fountainebleau Precincts.


     Harrison County - White Plains, Poplar Head, Peace, *New Hope and *East Lyman Precincts.

     Jackson County - Villa Maria, Ocean Springs Community Center, Latimer A, Latimer, St. Martin, Gulf Hills, St. Martin A, Larue and *North Vancleave Precincts.


     Harrison County - Biloxi 1, Biloxi 2, Biloxi 3, Biloxi 4, Biloxi 5, Biloxi 6, Biloxi 7, Biloxi 7-A, Biloxi 8 and *Biloxi 9 Precincts.


     Harrison County - D'Iberville, North Bay, Howard Creek, *Stonewall and *Popps Ferry Precincts.


     Harrison County - East Handsboro A, East Mississippi City, Biloxi 10, Biloxi 11, *Gulfport 5, *Gulfport 7, *West Mississippi City, *Gulfport 16, *Biloxi 9, *Popps Ferry and *East Handsboro Precincts.


     Harrison County - Gulfport 11, Gulfport 12, West Handsboro, *Gulfport 5, *Gulfport 7, *West Mississippi City, *Stonewall, *East Lyman, *East Orange Grove, *West Orange Grove, *West Lyman, *Gulfport 16, *North Bel Aire, *Gulfport 15 A and *East Handsboro Precincts.


     Harrison County - Gulfport 15-AA, Gulfport 14, Gulfport 8, Gulfport 9, East North Gulfport, *Gulfport 5, *Gulfport 10, *Gulfport 3, *North Bel Aire, *South Bel Aire, *Gulfport 13, Gulfport 15 A and *West North Gulfport Precincts.


     Harrison County - Gulfport 4, Gulfport 1-2, Long Beach 1, Long Beach 2, Long Beach 3, Long Beach 4, Long Beach 5, Long Beach 6, *Gulfport 5, *East Pass Christian, *West Pass Christian, *Gulfport 10 and *Gulfport 3 Precincts.


     Harrison County - Pineville, Delisle, Ladner, Vidalia, Lizana, *East Pass Christian, *West Pass Christian, *Outside Long Beach, *Gulfport 13 and *West North Gulfport Precincts.


     Hancock County - Clermont Harbor, Arlington, Waveland East, Bayou Phillip, Waveland West, North Bay West, West Shoreline Park, City Hall, South Bay, Central School, Courthouse, Edwardsville, North Bay East and *Lakeshore Precincts.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Mississippi House of Representatives reapportionment map draft, hereinafter referred to as "the map," prepared by the staff of the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment, as computerized by the staff and employees of the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System, a state governmental division operated as prescribed by statute, under the auspices of the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, such map having been duly examined and approved by resolution duly adopted by the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment, is hereby incorporated and shall be construed to be an integral and inseverable part of this joint resolution.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment shall file with the Secretary of State of Mississippi the Split Precinct Block List developed in conjunction with the plan that details the portions of the partial or split precincts that are contained within a district by census tract and block number, and such document duly filed with the Secretary of State is hereby incorporated into and shall be construed to be an integral part of this joint resolution.  Such partial or split precincts contained in this resolution shall be identifiable by an asterisk (*) which shall precede its designation within any electoral district.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the map shall be permanently stored in the Office of the Secretary of State, that one (1) copy of the tape of the computer dataset for the map shall be filed with the Clerk of the Mississippi House of Representatives and one (1) copy of such tape shall be stored by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.  The Secretary of State and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History are hereby directed to preserve a copy of a map with the boundaries of the counties' precincts, as such boundaries existed as of January 1, 2002, and shall also preserve census tract or block numbers utilized in splitting any House of Representatives electoral districts contained in the map.  All raw data utilized in generating any plans in formulating the reapportionment and redistricting of the Mississippi House of Representatives in accordance with the map shall also be preserved by the Secretary of State and the Department of Archives and History.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the boundaries of the House of  Representatives districts described above shall be:

          (a)  The boundaries of the counties as they existed on January 1, 2002;

          (b)  The boundaries of the precincts as such precinct boundaries are contained in Census 2000 redistricting maps (Public Law 94-171) TIGER line file; and

          (c)  The boundaries of the census tracts or blocks as such census tracts or blocks are contained in Census 2000 redistricting maps (Public Law 94-171) TIGER line file.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment is directed to provide all information necessary to assist the counties in identifying the boundaries of the districts described in this resolution.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution shall be liberally construed to effectuate the purposes hereof and to redistrict the House of Representatives of this state in compliance with constitutional requirements.

     It is intended that this resolution and the districts described herein completely encompass all the area within the state.  It is also intended that such districts contain all the inhabitants in this state.  It is further intended that the redistricting provided for in this resolution result in the creation of districts which are substantially equal in population. It is also intended that no district shall include any of the area included within the description of any other district.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the redistricting of House of Representatives districts and Senate districts shall be deemed to be separate from each other.  The invalidity of the districts of one (1) house shall not affect or require the redistricting of the other house.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That if the districts described in this resolution do not carry out the purposes hereof because of: unintentional omissions; duplication; overlapping areas; erroneous nomenclature; lack of adequate maps or descriptions of political subdivisions, wards or other divisions thereof, or of their boundary lines; then the Secretary of State, at the request of the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment shall, by order, correct such omissions, overlaps, erroneous nomenclature or other defects in the description of districts so as to accomplish the purposes and objectives of this resolution.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of such orders shall be filed by the Secretary of State in his own office and in the offices of the affected commissioners of election and registrars. The Secretary of State may adopt reasonable rules regulating the procedure for applications for orders under this resolution in the manner of serving and filing any notice or copy of orders relating thereto.  Upon the filing of such an order, the description of any affected district shall be deemed to have been corrected in the manner provided in such order to the full extent as if such correction had been contained in the original description set forth in this resolution.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the redistricting contained in this resolution shall supersede any prior redistricting, and any prior redistricting shall be null and void upon the date this resolution is effectuated pursuant to the provisions of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended and extended, or pursuant to a final decision by any court of competent jurisdiction, whichever first occurs.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Joint Legislative Committee on Compilation, Revision and Publication of Legislation is hereby directed to see to it that this resolution is placed in the editor's notes that follow Section 5-1-1, Mississippi Code of 1972.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That if any paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or any part of this resolution is declared to be unconstitutional or void or if for any reason is declared to be invalid or of no effect, the remaining paragraphs, sentences, clauses, phrases or parts thereof shall be in no manner affected thereby but shall remain in full force and effect.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Chairman of the House of Representatives Apportionment and Elections Committee, with the assistance of counsel employed by the Standing Joint Legislative Committee on Reapportionment, is hereby directed to submit this resolution, immediately upon its adoption by both houses of the Legislature, to the Attorney General of the United States or to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in accordance with the provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended and extended.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the foregoing provisions of this resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after the date it is finally effectuated under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended and extended.