2002 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Representative Smith (35th)

House Resolution 54


     WHEREAS, Dr. John M. Perkins, a sharecropper's son who grew up in Mississippi amidst dire poverty, fled to California at the young age of 17 after the murder of his older brother; and

     WHEREAS, in 1960, after his conversion to Christ, Dr. Perkins returned to his childhood home to share the Gospel of Christ with many people; and

     WHEREAS, despite dropping out of school in the third grade, Dr. Perkins has been recognized for his work with seven honorary doctorates from Wheaton College, Gordon College, Huntington College, Spring Arbor College, Geneva College, Northpark College and Belhaven College; and

     WHEREAS, throughout his almost 40 years of ministry to the poor and needy, Dr. Perkins has founded or cofounded numerous organizations such as Mendenhall Ministries, Voice of Calvary Ministries, Harambee Christian Family Center, Christian Community Development Association and Harambee Preparatory School; and

     WHEREAS, in 1992, Dr. Perkins began publishing URBAN FAMILY magazine in response to the increasing violence within our inner city, as well as the breakdown of urban families and communities; and

     WHEREAS, Dr. Perkins outspoken support and leadership role in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, imprisonment and beatings; and

     WHEREAS, Dr. Perkins is an international speaker and teacher on issues of racial reconciliation, leadership and community development; and

     WHEREAS, currently, Dr. Perkins serves as President of John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development and Chairman of the Board for the Christian Community Development Association; and

     WHEREAS, it is the policy of the House of Representatives to recognize and commend outstanding Mississippians such as Dr. John Perkins, who has dedicated his life to improving the quality of life of hundreds of Mississippians:
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend Dr. John M. Perkins for his many years of outstanding community service and express our heartiest wishes for success in all his future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to Dr. John M. Perkins and to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.