1998 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Representatives Green (72nd), Bailey, Banks, Blackmon, Bozeman, Broomfield, Clark, Clarke, Coleman (29th), Coleman (65th), Dickson, Ellis, Evans, Flaggs, Fredericks, Gibbs, Green (96th), Henderson (9th), Middleton, Miller, Morris, Myers, Perkins, Robinson (63rd), Scott (80th), Simmons (100th), Smith (27th), Straughter, Thomas, Thornton, Walker, Wallace, Watson, West, Young

House Resolution 8

(As Adopted by House)


WHEREAS, the Honorable Bennie G. Thompson, currently representing the Second Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, has devoted over 26 years to serving the interest of the public; and

WHEREAS, after winning his first elected office as Alderman in his hometown of Bolton, Mississippi, Congressman Thompson served six years as Mayor of Bolton; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson was then elected to serve as Supervisor of Hinds County District Two followed by serving as County Supervisor for 13 years; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson, elected to the United States House of Representatives in a special election in April 1993, currently serves on the House Committee of the Budget and the House Committee on Agriculture; and

WHEREAS, after graduating from high school in the public schools of Hinds County, Mississippi, Congressman Thompson received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Tougaloo College, the Master of Science degree from Jackson State University and completed extensive course work at the University of Southern Mississippi toward a Doctorate degree in Public Administration; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson, for a brief time in his professional career, taught in the public school system of Mississippi and also served as an adjunct professor at Jackson State University; and

WHEREAS, a lifelong activist in the civil rights struggle, Congressman Thompson has been a participant in the complete spectrum of the fight for equality and in making the political system work for every citizen; and

WHEREAS, as a grassroots volunteer, labor organizer, student activist, community leader and politician, Congressman Thompson remained focused in combining and working to address issues of race, gender and class in both the private and public sectors; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson's career includes many personal accomplishments including securing the first rural doctor, fire engine and trained volunteer fire department in the Town of Bolton, being a plaintiff/material witness in numerous election redistricting cases, taking the position of frontline supporter of worker's rights, securing federal funding to set up and operate the first public transportation system to serve rural Hinds County, Mississippi, and receiving a presidential appointment to serve on the National Council on Health Planning and Development; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson was a founding member and past president of both the Mississippi Association of Black Mayors, and the Mississippi Association of Black Supervisors; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson has received several honors for his legislative accomplishments including an award from the Housing Assistance Council for his efforts to secure sufficient funding for rural housing programs within the United States Department of Agriculture; and

WHEREAS, a member of the Ashbury United Methodist Church, located in Bolton, Mississippi, Congressman Thompson has been active in numerous civic, community and professional organizations; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of Tougaloo College, the Board of Directors of the Southern Regional Council and the Board of Directors of the Housing Assistance Council; and

WHEREAS, Congressman Thompson is lovingly supported in all of his endeavors by his wife, the former London Johnson of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, and their daughter, BendaLonne; and

WHEREAS, the House of Representatives of the State of Mississippi believes that it is most appropriate to pay a special tribute to such an outstanding Mississippian as Bennie G. Thompson, who is not only dedicated to his career of serving others but devoted to church and family as well:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend Congressman Bennie G. Thompson for his remarkable contributions on behalf of the citizens of the State of Mississippi and the entire country during his long and distinguished career in public service.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we do hereby express our appreciation to Congressman Bennie G. Thompson for all his noteworthy accomplishments for the State of Mississippi as well as the United States. Further, we hereby extend to Bennie G. Thompson our best of wishes for success in all his future endeavors.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to Congressman Bennie G. Thompson and the Capitol Press Corps.