1998 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Representatives Clarke, Bailey, Barnett (92nd), Blackmon, Bozeman, Broomfield, Clark, Coleman (29th), Coleman (65th), Denny, Dickson, Flaggs, Fredericks, Green (96th), Green (72nd), Howell, Hudson, Martinson, McBride, Middleton, Morris, Nettles, Perry, Read, Robinson (63rd), Scott (17th), Smith (35th), Smith (27th), Stevens, Straughter, Stribling, Walker, Williams, Young

House Concurrent Resolution 112

(As Adopted by House and Senate)


WHEREAS, Ms. Vanessa Trotter of Jackson, Mississippi, a retired nurse, is a lady who exudes a magnificent spirit and has made countless selfless contributions to those in her community through her supportive and encouraging words; and

WHEREAS, born in Chicago, Illinois, Ms. Trotter graduated from Hinds Community College and attended Jackson State University to further her education and become a nurse; and

WHEREAS, in 1988, Ms. Trotter was diagnosed and began her slow battle with the life changing disease, multiple sclerosis, commonly known as "MS"; and

WHEREAS, over the past ten years, however, the medical challenges Ms. Trotter has faced have not affected her spirit, attitude or her willingness to reach out and touch the lives of others battling MS; and

WHEREAS, helping those newly diagnosed as well as those who have been living with MS for more than five years, Ms. Trotter uses her time to listen to and share and pray with many MS patients in the Jackson area and throughout the state who may be struggling with coping with and understanding the disease; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Trotter actively participates in her community as a volunteer and mentor for the Jackson Multiple Sclerosis Society, having served in the past as the support group facilitator and a peer counselor and currently, as the advocate for the society; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Trotter also uses her time to volunteer at Clausell Elementary School, providing educational information to the students about multiple sclerosis, and is an active member of New Horizons Baptist Church, where she was recently selected to serve as a Telephone Prayer Counselor for the church; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Trotter lives independently with her two children, Jasmine 12, and Joshua 6, requiring minimal assistance with the many tasks required of a mother by using assistance from a walker, wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, and a special device on her automobile that enables her to continue driving; and

WHEREAS, never questioning "Why me?" or "What might have been?", Ms. Trotter does not view her medical challenge as a burden but as a "bridge to many blessings," living one day at a time; and

WHEREAS, the Legislature of the State of Mississippi finds it most appropriate to pay special tribute to such an outstanding woman and mother as Ms. Vanessa Trotter, always glowing with a smile on her face, a song in her heart and an excellent sense of humor, who has dedicated her life to serving her community and state by sharing her personal experience as well as being an understanding and compassionate listener:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE SENATE CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby commend Ms. Vanessa Trotter for her magnificent spirit and the countless selfless contributions she has made to her community and state and extend to her our prayers for many more years of peace, happiness and joy.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to Ms. Vanessa Trotter and the Capitol Press Corps.