Announcement of Conference Meeting Rooms - 2004-2007
Committee Room Room Room  
Agriculture 202        
Apportionment & Elections 401-A 216 400-D    
Appropriations (General Bills) 201-A 216 201-C    
Banking & Financial Services 402 408 402-C    
Conservation & Water 113 409 104-A    
Constitution 114 327      
Corrections 402 409 401-C    
County Affairs 401-A 400-A      
Education 204 210 205-B    
Ethics 204 100-C      
Fees & Salaries 402 409 401-B    
Fiscal Stability, Select Committee 201-H 201-A 216    
Forestry 202 203      
Gaming 401-A 201-M3      
Insurance 402 409 402-B    
Interstate Cooperation 201-H 201      
Judiciary A 113 409 112-A    
Judiciary B 113 409 112-B    
Judiciary En Banc 113 409 112-A    
Juvenile Justice 204 205-C      
Labor 401-A 409 400-B    
Local & Private 114 408 115-A    
Marine Resources 114 119-B      
Med Mal, Select Committee 103 112-A      
Medicaid 103 119-C      
Military Affairs 103 100-A      
Municipalities 401-A 210 400-G    
Oil & Gas 401-A 400-H      
Ports, Harbors & Airports 103 100-C      
Public Health & Welfare 113 216 104-B    
Public Property 114 112      
Public Utilities 114 112-C      
Rules 302 307 201-M2    
Tourism 402 201-M5      
Transportation 103 216 100-D    
Universities & Colleges 204 205-A      
Ways & Means 201-H 216 201-F    
Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks 114 115      

23A. (1) All official meetings of any conference committee on a bill or on a resolution proposing a
constitutional amendment shall be open to the public at all times, unless declared an executive session in accordance with the provisions of Section 25-41-7, Mississippi Code of 1972.
(2) The chairman of each Senate and House committee to which such a measure is first referred shall designate one (1), two (2) or three (3) rooms in which official meetings of the conference committees pertaining to such measures shall be held. For the 2004 Regular Session and every four (4) years thereafter, the designation of the rooms shall be announced within three (3) legislative days after adoption of these joint rules. For all other sessions, the designation of the rooms shall be announced not later than the third legislative day of each session. Copies of a list of these rooms shall be available in the respective offices of the committee chairmen. This announcement shall constitute notice of the place of the official meetings of conference committees, and notice that the time of each meeting shall not be announced individually. If a conference committee meets in a location other than a designated room, a written notice giving the location of the meeting shall be placed in a conspicuous place in one (1) of the designated rooms.
Revised 4/22/2004