Mississippi Legislature
2005 Regular Session

Senator Robert G. Huggins

District 14

As of 01/22/07 at 11:28

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SB2352  Department of Corrections; repeal authority to assume     Huggins
        Parole Board powers.                                   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2429  Appropriation; Dept. of Public Safety - Highway Patrol    Little
        Trooper Training Class; FY2006.                        
           03/15 (H) Died In Committee
SB2451  State Parole Board; remove repealer.                      Huggins
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2456  State inmates; require to pay certain litigation          Huggins
        expenses for in forma pauperis proceedings per DOC     
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2457  Corrections; remove the repealer on the general inmate    Huggins
        authority of Department of Corrections.                
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2458  Offenders under correctional supervision; prohibit sex    Huggins
        or carnal knowledge with correction employees per DOC  
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2459  Agriculture leases of prison lands to private entities;   Huggins
        increase maximum lease from 3 to 8 years per DOC       
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2482  Agricultural leases of prison lands to private            Huggins
        entities; allow DFA to hold auction per DOC            
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2682  Optometrists; certified optometrists may administer and   Nunnelee
 *      prescribe certain oral medications; extend repealer.   
           03/16 Approved by Governor
SB2747  State inmates; prohibit working of state inmates by       Huggins
 *      individuals for private purposes.                      
           03/15 Approved by Governor
SB2748  Inmates in county jails; remove repealer on statutes      Huggins
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2750  Intensive Supervision Program; reenact.                   Huggins
 * %       04/06 Approved by Governor
SB2779  License tags; provide 10% preference for competitive      Huggins
        bid by prison industries for manufacture.              
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2879  Corrections; require the department of corrections to     Huggins
        install and operate telephones provided for inmates.   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2915  Inmates in county jails; bring forward section for the    Huggins
        purpose of amending to clarify medical reimbursement   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2935  Parole Board; remove requirement to reconsider rejected   Huggins
        application for parole within one year of rejection.   
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2948  Retired law enforcement; entitled to reimbursement for    Huggins
        testimony required after retirement.                   
           03/16 Approved by Governor
SB2953  Inmates in county jails; require DOC to pay for inmates   Huggins
        held pending a parole or probation revocation hearing. 
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB2969  Prison Industries; remove repealer on the prohibition     Huggins
        on procurement of certain goods made by out-of-state   
        inmate labor if PIC makes goods.                       
           02/10 (S) Died On Calendar
SB2988  Parole; provide equity in eligibility for certain first   Huggins
 *      time offenders under the 85% rule.                     
           04/20 Approved by Governor
SB2998  Child support; require certain agencies to charge fee     Huggins
   %    for reinstatement of suspended licenses and fees to go 
        to Child Support Unit.                                 
           02/01 (S) Died In Committee
SB3030  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for a space,        Cuevas
  $%    science and education center in Hancock County.        
           02/23 (S) Died In Committee
SB3031  MS Major Economic Impact Act; revise the definition of    Cuevas
  $%    the term project and authorize the issuance of general 
        obligation bonds.                                      
           02/23 (S) Died In Committee
SB3034  Appropriation; Alcorn and Valley State Universities,      Simmons
        additional for Ayers settlement, FY 2005.              
           02/23 (S) Died In Committee
SB3076  Appropriation; Dept. of Corrections - Support and         Gordon
 *      Reimb. Local Confinement.                              
           04/07 (S) Died In Conference
SB3077  Appropriation; Emergency Management Agency.               Gordon
 *         04/07 (S) Died On Calendar
SB3078  Appropriation; Military Dept.- Support.                   Gordon
 *         04/07 (S) Died In Conference
SB3079  Appropriation; Dept. Public Safety - Consol.              Gordon
 *         04/07 (S) Died In Conference
SB3080  Appropriation; Dept. of Mental Health.                    Gordon
 *         04/07 (S) Died On Calendar
SB3101  Bonds; issue state general obligation bonds for the       Simmons
 *$%    B.B. King Museum, the Southern Arts and Entertainment  
        Center, and Project Infinity.                          
           03/17 (S) Died On Calendar
SB3130  Tallahatchie County; authorize to pledge title to fire    Tollison
        truck as security for loan.                            
           04/07 (H) Died On Calendar
SB3143  Rose Yvonne Costilow; restore suffrage to.                Huggins
           04/07 (H) Died In Committee
SB3150  Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board; pay salary to vice   Jordan
 *  @V  president instead of per diem.                         
           01/05 (S) Veto Referred To Fees, Salaries and Administration
SB3153  Grenada County; authorize the funding of the purchase     Gordon
 *      of a school bus for use by Head Start.                 
           04/07 (H) Died In Committee
SB3154  Corrections; increase the age of offenders housed at      Huggins
 *  @   Walnut Grove Correctional Facility.                    
           04/20 Approved by Governor
SC 534  Commend the "King of the Blues," B.B. King.               Jordan
           02/04 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 586  Commend former State Senator Fred Wicker.                 Little
           03/23 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 596  Commend Charlie Capps for dedicated legislative and       Little
        public service.                                        
           03/28 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SC 601  Commend Dr. Shelby F. Thames.                             Gordon
           04/03 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
SR  35  Commend Tara Smith, "Miss Rankin County 2005."            Kirby
           03/04 (S) Immediate Release
SR  46  Commend Coach Durwin Carpenter, Pillow Academy Girls      Huggins
        Basketball Team.                                       
           03/29 (S) Immediate Release
SR  47  Commend Pillow Academy Lady Mustangs Basketball Team on   Huggins
        winning MPSA Overall Championship.                     
           03/29 (S) Immediate Release
SR  52  Commend 850th Transportation Company.                     Little
           03/31 (S) Immediate Release

KEY: * = Amended % = 3/5ths Vote Required V = Vetoed
  $ = Revenue @ = Exempted From Deadline P = Partially Vetoed

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