Mississippi Legislature
2004 3rd Extraordinary Session

Daily Action Report for 11/15/04

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House: Introductions

HB   3  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for improvements    Reeves
        to state-owned shipyard located in Jackson County.     
           11/15 (H) Referred To Ways and Means
HB   4  Economic development; authorize bonds for certain         Capps
        project; revise projects under Major Economic Impact   
           11/15 (H) Referred To Ways and Means

House: Committee Reports

HC   3  Dr. Julius John "J.J." Hayden, Jr.; commend life of.      Simpson
           11/15 (H) Title Suff Do Be Adopted
HR   1  "National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week";        Broomfield
           11/15 (H) Title Suff Do Be Adopted

Senate: Introductions

SR   1  Commend Len Blackwell for public service.                 Horhn
           11/15 (S) Referred To Rules

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