Mississippi Legislature
2003 Regular Session


As of 05/14/03 at 08:35

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HB 644  Local planning commission; require all counties and       Green
        cities to establish.                                   
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB1169  Zoning; require petition of sixty percent of property     Wells-Smith
        owners to change.                                      
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB1205  Zoning; require majority vote to change.                  Denny
           02/11 (H) Tabled
SB2274  Zoning ordinances; revise number of votes necessary for   Chamberlin
           03/06 (H) Died In Committee
SB2783  Zoning change pursuant to protest petition; requires      Jordan
        majority vote of all members of the governing          
           02/12 (S) Died In Committee

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