Mississippi Legislature

1999 Regular Session

Representative Clayton P. Henderson

District 9

As of 01/03/00 at 10:59

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HB 315  Appropriation; MTAG and MESG Tuition Assistance           Guice
        Programs; additional for FY1999.                       
           03/16 (S) Died In Committee
HB 464  Prescription drugs; person eligible for Medicare with     Reynolds
 *      certain income shall receive under Medicaid.           
           03/02 (S) Died In Committee
HB 519  Tobacco settlement funds; create Health Care Trust Fund   Moody
 *      for.                                                   
           04/01 Approved by Governor
HB 755  School counselors; fund under minimum education program   Clarke
        for K-8.                                               
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 756  Physical education instructors; fund under minimum        Clarke
        program for elementary schools.                        
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 834  Nursing homes; allow Medicaid participation for           Moody
 *      existing beds and authorize new beds.                  
           03/29 (H) Died In Conference
HB 903  Distinctive antique automobile license tag; authorize     Smith (27th)
   %    to display university, college or community college    
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 906  Municipalities; authorize certain to acquire or lease     McBride
        property from federal government and incorporate into  
           03/08 Approved by Governor
HB 976  Children's Health Care Program; increase eligibility to   Holland
 *      200% of poverty level.                                 
           04/21 Approved by Governor
HB1004  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for Library         Reynolds
  $%    Commission capital improvements and public libraries   
        grant program.                                         
           03/16 (S) Died In Committee
HB1014  Public school classroom; authorize brief period of        Young
        quiet reflection.                                      
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1025  Retirement allowance; state officials and employees       Walker
        with 40 years' service may receive if waive salary.    
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1100  Bridge in Lamar County; Highway 61 in Adams County;       Davis
 *      designate as memorials.                                
           03/30 Approved by Governor
HB1175  Unsolicited telephone calls; prohibit for subscribers     Reynolds
   %    having notified PSC of objections.                     
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1234  Task Force on a Prekindergarten Program in Mississippi;   Scott (17th)
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1281  Municipalities; authorize certain to acquire or lease     McBride
        property from federal government and incorporate into  
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1282  Purchasing; increase dollar limitation on term            Henderson (9th)
   %    contracts for asphalt overlay of streets.              
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1302  Physician assistants; provide for licensure of.           Malone
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1462  Municipal public utility systems; expand to include       Henderson (9th)
 * %    freight.                                               
           04/15 Approved by Governor
HB1534  Coahoma County; authorize to levy taxes on                Henderson (9th)
   %    complimentary food; beverages and motel accommodations.
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HB1559  Tunica County; increase tourism tax.                      Henderson (9th)
   %       04/15 Approved by Governor
HB1618  Appropriation; State Forestry Commission.                 Henderson (9th)
 *         04/06 Approved by Governor
HB1619  Appropriation; State Board of Registration for            Henderson (9th)
           03/22 Approved by Governor
HB1620  Appropriation; Beauvoir Shrine.                           Brown
           03/22 Approved by Governor
HB1621  Appropriation; Mississippi River Parkway Commission.      Brown
           03/22 Approved by Governor
HB1622  Appropriation; Department of Environmental Quality.       Brown
 *         04/06 Approved by Governor
HB1715  Hinds County; authorize board of supervisors to           Bozeman
        designate judicial district for regular board meetings.
           04/05 Approved by Governor
HB1720  Tunica County; revise distribution of gambling            Henderson (9th)
   %    revenues.                                              
           04/15 Approved by Governor
HB1747  Suffrage; restore to Demetrice N. Burnett of Tunica       Henderson (9th)
           04/15 Approved by Governor
HB1748  Suffrage; restore to Carolyn Bond of Tunica County.       Henderson (9th)
           04/15 Approved by Governor
HB1750  Coahoma County; authorize to construct and lease a        Henderson (9th)
        freight unloading facility to Cooper Tire & Rubber     
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HB1751  Coahoma County; authorize to establish railroad           Henderson (9th)
        transportation system.                                 
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HB1753  Tunica County; rename Robinsonville-Commerce Utility      Henderson (9th)
   %    District the "Tunica County Utility District".         
           04/15 Approved by Governor
HC  22  Commend utility workers for dedication during outages     Ford
        caused by the Christmas Eve ice storm.                 
           01/14 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC  62  Amend Constitution; repeal provisions authorizing         Henderson (9th)
        amendments to Constitution by initiative.              
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HC  84  Commend service of James Charles Evers.                   Middleton
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HC  98  Commend Patricia Owens Fordice as First Lady of           Howell
           02/22 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC 105  Commend Robert George Clark for his many years of         Perkins
        service to the State of Mississippi.                   
           03/01 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC 116  Commend Walter Payton for his outstanding career as a     Robinson (63rd)
        professional athlete.                                  
           03/16 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC 130  Establish the month of April as Mississippi Fire          Thornton
        Fighter's Memorial Burn Center Month.                  
           03/18 (S) Enrolled Bill Signed
HC 173  Memorializing President of the United States to pardon    Saucier
        persons convicted in Port Chicago Mutiny.              
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee
HR  13  Commend Metcalfe Youth Choir for their outstanding        Thornton
           02/19 (H) Enrolled Bill Signed
HR  56  Memorialize the Social Security Administration and        Perkins
        Congressional Delegation to create a Northwest MS      
        permanent hearing office.                              
           04/01 (H) Died In Committee

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