Mississippi State Senate                             
                              Committee Schedule                                
                  Printed as of January 24, 2022 at 04:58 PM                    
MONDAY, January 24, 2022        CONVENE AT 04:00P
AR+     216              Judiciary, Division A                   
                           Criminal Law & Procedure                
                           Senators England, Barnett, Barrett, Parker, 
AR+     409              Reserved for D. Simmons (Senate Democratic Caucus)
AR+5    307              Rules                                   
TUESDAY, January 25, 2022       CONVENE AT 10:00A
09:00A  216              Insurance                               
09:30A  210              Tourism                                 
09:30A  409              Judiciary, Division A                   
                           Civil Law & Procedure                   
                           Senators McCaughn, Blackmon, Hopson, McDaniel, 
10:30A  210              Appropriations                          
                           (14) Other Special Funds                
                           Senators Turner-Ford, Chism, DeLano, Norwood
                             Budget Hearings:
                             10:30 Auctioneer Commission
                             10:45 Registered Professional Geologist
                             11:00 Oil and Gas Board
                             11:15 Gaming Commission
                             11:30 Engineers and Land Surveyors Bd
                             11:45 Bd of Public Contractors
                             12:00 Motor Vehicle Commission
                             12:15 Bd of Architecture
10:30A  216              Finance                                 
                           Standing Meeting
10:30A  313              Reserved for Senator McCaughn until 11:30
01:30P  216              Appropriations                          
                           Standing Meeting
02:00P  409              Judiciary, Division A                   
                           Standing Meeting
02:15P  210              Appropriations                          
                           (15) Government Operations              
                           Senators Polk, Blackwell, S. Simmons, Williams
                             Budget Hearings:
                             2:15 Dept of Audit
                             2:30 Dept of Banking and Consumer Finance
                             2:45 Secretary of State
                             3:00 Wireless Communication Commission
                             3:15 Innovate Mississippi (MDA)
                             3:30 ITS
                             3:45 Personnel Board
03:00P  216              Public Health and Welfare               
                           Standing Meeting
WEDNESDAY, January 26, 2022   
09:00A  409              Judiciary, Division B                   
                           Standing Meeting
10:30A  216              Medicaid                                
                           Standing Meeting
11:00A  409              Corrections                             
                           Committee members and staff only.  Meeting will be
01:00P  216              Appropriations                          
                           (09) Health & Ment Health               
                           Senators Hill, Frazier, Michel, Moran
                             Budget Hearings
                             1:00 Dept of Health
                             1:30 Dept of Mental Health
01:30P  216              Education                               
                           Standing Meeting
02:00P  409              Highways and Transportation             
                           Standing Meeting
03:00P  216              Public Health and Welfare               
                           Standing Meeting
LEGEND: WNM = Will Not Meet, TBA = To Be Announced, 
    BC = Before Convening, AA = After Adjournment,
    AR = After Recess