Mississippi House of Representatives                       
                              Committee Schedule                                
                  Printed as of January 17, 2019 at 10:21 AM                    
THURSDAY, January 17, 2019      CONVENE AT 10:00A
AA+01   201-A            Appropriations                          
                           Standing Meeting
                             Briefing from the Department of Public Safety
10:45A  201-A            Appropriations                          
                           (J) DFA/Secretary of State              
                           Hearing for Secretary of State
MONDAY, January 21, 2019        CONVENE AT 04:00P
02:00P  113              Corrections                             
                           Joint Hearing - Criminal Justice Reform
LEGEND: WNM = Will Not Meet, TBA = To Be Announced, 
    BC = Before Convening, AA = After Adjournment,
    AR = After Recess