House Bill No. 1310


BY: Senator(s) Tate


     AMEND on line 54 after the word "shall" and insert the following language:

audit all eighty-two (82) counties by

     FURTHER, AMEND on lines 54 and 55 by deleting the words "select four (4)" and insert in lieu thereof the following language "selecting"

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 55, after "districts" insert the following language "during the 2023 and 2024 General Elections"

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 56, change "selected" to "selecting"

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 58, after the word "less" insert the following "in each county"

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 105, after the period, insert the following sentence:

The report shall first list all counties audited alphabetically with any major finding which may affect the outcome of the election and whether any voters were disenfranchised, then list out a detailed report of any major or minor findings, along with recommended changes to both county and Secretary of State practices.

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 370 by striking "brought forward" and insert in lieu thereof "amended"

     FURTHER, AMEND on lines 384-386 by striking the following language:

shall be used as follows:

               (i)  Seventy percent (70%) of the monies in the special fund

     FURTHER, AMEND on line 395, insert a period after "officials" and then insert the following sentence thereafter:

The counties shall ensure all computers with access to the Statewide Election Management System are equipped with appropriate security measures to protect private information of the registered voter and the integrity of Mississippi elections, and these funds may be used to purchase such security measures.

     FURTHER, AMEND after the above inserted sentence starting on line 395 and ending on line 398, delete the following:

; and

               (ii)  The remaining thirty percent (30%) of the monies in the special fund shall be deposited in the State General Fund.