2015 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: The Entire Membership

House Resolution 81


     WHEREAS, the honorable and distinguished Representative Linda Whittington will retire from the Mississippi House of Representatives after having dedicated nine years of extraordinary service to the people of this state as the elected representative from House District 34, which includes portions of Carroll, Holmes, Humphreys, Leflore, Montgomery and Washington Counties; and

     WHEREAS, blessed with an extraordinary life, Representative Whittington was born November 23, 1950, in Altus, Oklahoma, and influenced by her parents' example to be of exemplary service acquired her bachelor of arts degree from Texas Christian University before she began her tenure of reputable service in philanthropy and humanitarianism as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Communities in Schools; and

     WHEREAS, she came to serve in the Mississippi House of Representatives when she was elected in a 2006 special election to fill the unexpired term for the seat vacated by the passing of her dear friend and close relative, the Honorable May Ringold Whittington, taking the oath of office shortly after the election was certified, and set her sites on championing a whirlwind of change for the Mississippi Delta, with education at the forefront of her charge; and

     WHEREAS, driven by her passion for the plight of others and passion for carrying on the banner of public service that she espoused in her philanthropic role at the helm of a successful nonprofit organization, Representative Whittington's diligence and devotion to the office to which she was elected has been fueled by the desire to make the quality of life better for her immediate constituency base and the entire citizenry of the Hospitality State, as she has endeavored prolifically to effectuate substantial, systematic and progressive change through her participation on the committees to which she was assigned, including:  Chairman of Constitution; Vice Chairman of Tourism; Agriculture; Corrections; Education; Forestry; Juvenile Justice; Public Health and Human Services; and Youth and Family Affairs; and

     WHEREAS, not one to limit her community involvement to the Legislature, Representative Whittington has always been active in her community and dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens, as evidenced by her service on the Leflore Humane Society Board, Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Carroll County Economic Development Association and Montgomery County Economic Development Association; and

     WHEREAS, a lady devout in her Episcopal faith, Representative Linda Whittington has led and continues to lead a life of bravery in the face of challenge, sincerity in the face of apathy and honesty in the presence of deceit and treachery; and

     WHEREAS, through it all, this extraordinary individual who leads an extraordinary life has remained a phenomenal woman of integrity who seeks to improve the lives of others through positive example and hard work; and

     WHEREAS, Representative Whittington has indicated that she will retire at the expiration of her present term as she pursues countywide office and the members of the House of Representatives wish to express sincere appreciation for her dedicated service to the people of the State of Mississippi and for the personal sacrifices she has made on their behalf; and

     WHEREAS, it is the policy of the House of Representatives to honor the legacy of one of our own, who has represented her district, this body and the people of this great state with utmost honor and integrity:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby honor the legislative legacy of Representative Linda Whittington, express gratitude for her years of dedicated service to the people of the State of Mississippi and congratulate her upon her retirement from the Mississippi House of Representatives.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to Representative Linda Whittington and to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.