2011 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) King, Fillingane, Jackson (11th), McDaniel

Senate Concurrent Resolution 540


     WHEREAS, after 40 years behind the microphone as the "Voice of the Hattiesburg High School Tigers," Ted Tibbett is retiring from the Hattiesburg broadcast; and

     WHEREAS, on Friday, October 22, 2010, for the last time, Ted Tibbett climbed the steps to the top of the grandstand at Hattiesburg High School's D.I. Patrick Stadium and into the press box that bears his name, set up his broadcasting equipment and announced Hattiesburg's game against Terry on the radio, just as he had for every home football game since 1971; and

     WHEREAS, "We're going to miss Ted," said Hattiesburg High School Football Coach Doug Hoehn.  "He's been great.  All the parents and grandparents who can't always travel to the games have been listening to him on the radio for years and years.  He means a lot to this community"; and

     WHEREAS, Tibbett will continue in his position as General Manager at WMXI-FM (98.1), which carries the Hattiesburg High School broadcast; and

     WHEREAS, since 1971, Tibbett has become so entwined with the Hattiesburg High School program that the press box at D.I. Patrick Stadium was named for him.  But while Tibbett's role as the radio voice of the Tigers is what he is best known for, it is just a minor aspect to his life.  Far more important, are the charities to which he contributes countless hours in support.  Over the years, he has been very active in The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  He is currently Commander of Allen B. Carter Post 24 of The American Legion, the largest in the state.  He has also served as Chairman of the Area Development Partnership's Military Relations Committee, which serves as a liaison between the Hattiesburg business community and Camp Shelby; and

     WHEREAS, Ted's work in the service of veterans earned him recognition in 2005 as Hattiesburg Veteran of the Year.  As proud as he is of his service to area veterans, he has a special place in his heart for the work he has done for the March of Dimes.  Since 1975, Tibbett has been a member of the Forrest-Lamar Chapter of the March of Dimes, the longest-tenured active member of the Chapter.  He also helped to found the Local Chapter of the St. Jude Foundation.  For years, Tibbett's partner in his charitable activities was his late wife, Cheryl; and

     WHEREAS, Tibbett was raised in radio, and has made a career in broadcasting.  His father was General Manager of a radio station in Laurel, Mississippi.  His dad joined the Marines after the Pearl Harbor Attack and served in World War II, and Tibbett was drafted into the Army in 1968 and served two years in Korea; and

     WHEREAS, Ted's top players covered at Hattiesburg High School includes:  Martin Hankins, quarterback early 2000s; Greg Plump, quarterback mid-to-late 1980s; J.J. Stewart, linebacker mid-1970s; Terrell Grindle, wide receiver late 1990s; Keshun Fudge, wide receiver late 1990s; Eddie McCoy, offensive-defensive lineman mid-1970s; Richard Lucas, quarterback early 1990s; Jamie McCoy, offensive lineman late 2000s; Tommy Ferrill, tight end late 1990s; Stephen Foote, offensive lineman late 1980s; and

     WHEREAS, Ted has three children and four grandchildren, and it is with great pride that we honor the longevity of this legendary broadcast journalists who has been the eyes and ears for fans at Hattiesburg High School football games and the connection to the players on the field, which is a rich fall Friday night tradition in the State of Mississippi:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby recognize and commend Ted Tibbett as "The Voice of Hattiesburg High School Tigers Football" on the occasion of his retirement after 40 years of dedicated and inspirational football broadcasting, and extend to Ted and his family our best wishes for continued success on this occasion.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be presented to Ted Tibbett and his family, forwarded to the Hattiesburg School Board and made available to the Capitol Press Corps.