2007 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Gollott, Hewes, Cuevas, Robertson, Dawkins, Moffatt, Lee (47th)

Senate Concurrent Resolution 626

(As Adopted by Senate and House)


     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius is the longest-serving member of the Board of Supervisors in Harrison County; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius was first elected to the Board of Supervisors 24 years ago, after spending nine years on the Harrison County School Board, for a total public service to Harrison County of 33 years; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius has provided strong political leadership for the county 13 times as board president; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius was born and raised on the "Point" in Biloxi in the days when Biloxi was the seafood capital of the world, and whose eastern county district covers much of the industry's old stomping grounds; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius grew up when life on the Point was tough.  His father, a maker of shrimp trawls, died in a diving accident at Ship Island when he was 18 months old.  His mother raised little Bobby and his two brothers alone and spent 44 years working in Biloxi seafood factories; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius is a man of the people and has worked for the past 18 months to support the recovery of the people of his district in Biloxi and D'berville after the most tragic storm in the history of the United States, that destroyed most of the homes in his district; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius, who believes that county government is the oldest and closet form of government to the people, began with 33 miles of dirt road in his district when he took office, but today all those roads are paved; and

     WHEREAS, Bobby Eleuterius has built a proud record of building tourism and economic development to bring higher paying jobs, building ball fields, parks, beach comfort stations and senior citizens centers, and hiring and promoting local people in county government, has decided that it is time to retire after 33 years of service to the people of Harrison County and to the State of Mississippi:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN, That we do hereby commend the dedicated public service of Bobby Eleuterius to the people of Mississippi and Harrison County and offer his example of public service as a shining example of why we are all proud to be Mississippians, and we extend to him and his family our best wishes in their future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Bobby Eleuterius and his family; the Harrison County Board of Supervisors and be made available to the news outlets on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Capitol Press Corps.