Cmte Sub for Senate Bill No. 2745

BY: Senator(s) Nunnelee

     AMEND by inserting the following subsection after line 1380 and renumbering accordingly:

     (*)  (a)  Upon each intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded licensed by the State of Mississippi, there is levied an assessment in an amount set by the division, not exceeding the maximum rate allowed by federal law or regulation, for eachlicensed and/or certified bed of the facility that is occupied by a patient.

          (b)  An intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded is exempt from the assessment levied under this subsection if the facility is operated under the direction and control of:

               (i)  The United States Veterans Administration or other agency or department of the United States government;

               (ii)  The State Veterans Affairs Board; or

               (iii)  The University of Mississippi Medical Center.