2005 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Cuevas, Hewes, Gollott, Lee (47th), Dawkins

Senate Resolution 13


     WHEREAS, Michael "Mickey" Hare works as a UPS driver out of the Gulfport office.  The Noll family of Bay St. Louis expected a Christmas package that particular Monday, November 29, 2004.  Gregory Noll left a note on the front door, asking the driver to go to the kitchen door on the side of the house.  His mother, 86-year-old Virginia Noll, was at home.  She is not sure why, but Virginia Noll unlocked the kitchen door before the UPS driver showed up.  She was in the kitchen when her hip snapped, propelling her backward.  She fell to the floor, striking her head on the concrete cushioned only by linoleum.  The phone was on the kitchen table.  She tried to pull the tablecloth sideways, but pulled it down instead.  A baking dish filled with chocolate fudge crashed to the floor.  She reached an unbroken portion of the dish and propped it upside down beneath her bleeding head.  She waited.  She prayed.  She began to wonder, as the minutes turned into one hour and then two, if anyone would find her before she bled to death.  She prayed to God to send help; and

     WHEREAS, just before noon, Mickey Hare drove up in his brown UPS truck with the Nolls' Christmas package.  He went straight to the kitchen door.  It appeared no one was home, so he called out "UPS," put the package near the door and turned to leave.  Then he heard a woman's voice.  He returned to the door.  He asked if he should come inside.  The woman called out, "Yes."  He found Mrs. Noll crumpled on her side, surrounded by blood, chocolate and glass.  The family's Siberian husky, Chako, sat beside her.  Right away, Mrs. Noll's strength impressed Hare.  Hare called 911 and followed the emergency dispatcher's instructions to put pressure on her head wound.  He waited with Mrs. Noll for help to arrive, then stayed with her until the ambulance pulled away; and

     WHEREAS, the family and Mrs. Noll's doctor called UPS, where he received congratulations and applause from co-workers.  The Noll family credits Hare with saving Virginia Noll's life.  Hare has visited Mrs. Noll at the nursing home where she is receiving rehabilitation therapy for her hip; and

     WHEREAS, "She said she had been praying and the Lord answered her prayer," Hare said.  "I told her I had been praying, too"; and

     WHEREAS, the Legislature wishes to recognize and thank Michael Hare for his compassionate and heroic actions at the scene of a near tragedy:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend Michael "Mickey" Hare of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, for his heroic rescue actions on November 29, 2004, and extend to him the best wishes of the Senate on his future endeavors.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Mickey Hare, forwarded to Virginia Noll, and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.