2004 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Representative Robinson (84th), Dickson, Horne, Snowden, Young, Akins, Aldridge, Arinder, Bailey, Baker (74th), Baker (8th), Banks, Barnett, Beckett, Bentz, Blackmon, Bondurant, Bounds, Broomfield, Brown, Buck, Burnett, Calhoun, Capps, Carlton, Chism, Clark, Clarke, Coleman (29th), Coleman (65th), Compretta, Cummings, Davis, Dedeaux, Denny, Eaton, Ellington, Ellis, Espy, Evans, Fillingane, Flaggs, Fleming, Formby, Franks, Fredericks, Frierson, Gadd, Gibbs, Green, Guice, Gunn, Hamilton (109th), Hamilton (6th), Harrison, Hines, Holland, Holloway, Howell, Huddleston, Hudson, Ishee, Janus, Jennings, Lott, Malone, Markham, Martinson, Masterson, Mayhall, Mayo, McBride, McCoy, Middleton, Miles, Mims, Moak, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Morris, Moss, Myers, Nicholson, Parker, Patterson, Peranich, Perkins, Pierce, Read, Reed, Reeves, Reynolds, Robinson (63rd), Rogers (14th), Rogers (61st), Rotenberry, Scott, Shows, Simpson, Smith (27th), Smith (39th), Smith (59th), Staples, Stevens, Straughter, Stringer, Sullivan, Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Upshaw, Vince, Ward, Warren, Watson, Weathersby, Wells-Smith, West, Whittington, Woods, Zuber

House Resolution 101

(As Adopted by House)


     WHEREAS, born on April 29, 1984, to Louis Mabry, Jr., and Nancy Carter, Private First Class (PFC) Christopher Dale Mabry, of Meehan, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, and the United States Marine Corps, departed this life on April 7, 2004, while serving the United States in furtherance of "Operation Iraqi Freedom," causing great sorrow and loss to his family and friends; and

     WHEREAS, raised since the age of four by his grandmother, Frances Mabry, and a May 2003 graduate of Clarkdale Attendance Center, PFC Mabry began his tour of duty with the Marines on July 30, 2003, when he departed for basic training to undergo months of extensive training before being deployed to Iraq on February 17, 2004; and

     WHEREAS, PFC Mabry continually sought to be at the immediate disposal of those who were in need of his very capable assistance, working during his high school years as a volunteer at Queen City Nursing Center and as an assistant to veterinarian, Dr. Otis Seals; and

     WHEREAS, a member of the Clarkdale Attendance Center Bulldogs Football, Basketball and Track Teams, PFC Mabry not only excelled athletically, but also maintained reputable standards academically as well, as evidenced by his memberships in the National Honor Society and Who's Who Among American High School Students; and

     WHEREAS, PFC Mabry's ultimate goal was to become a Marine, and from the time of his enlisting while still attending Clarkdale Attendance Center to the date of his deployment and eventual untimely death, he served the Marine Corps honorably and proudly, upholding the values of the Marine Corps:  honor, courage and commitment; and

     WHEREAS, remembered as one who aimed high and strived for the best, PFC Mabry put forth his best efforts and put his heart into every endeavor he undertook; and

     WHEREAS, traveling a path destined for greatness, the leadership traits and strengths exhibited by PFC Mabry, which garnered the recognition and compliments of his drill instructors, were ever prevalent as he led his team while at Ramadi, Iraq, becoming the first of 12 casualties in the unit; and

     WHEREAS, PFC Mabry made his commitment of faith to God in 2002 and faithfully and devotedly attended the Mount Olive Baptist Church, in addition to frequently visiting Living Word Church in Quitman and Rock Hill Baptist Church in Meehan; and

     WHEREAS, having an adamant love and passion for life and God, PFC Mabry enjoyed the company of his family and friends, traveling, hunting, fishing and participating in and observing all sports; and

     WHEREAS, a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend, PFC Mabry will be sorely missed by those who experienced the depth of his love, commitment and compassion for life and the pursuit of freedom for all, but the legacy of his memory will forever be etched in the hearts and memories of his survivors, including:  his father, Louis Mabry, Jr.; mother, Nancy Carter;  brother, Louis Mabry III; grandmothers, Frances Mabry and Joyce Harper; six aunts, four uncles, three special cousins, and a host of other relatives and friends; and

     WHEREAS, it is the policy of the House of Representatives to recognize and commend excellence in such outstanding Mississippians as evidenced by the life and merits of PFC Mabry, whose gift to this state and nation was the ultimate sacrifice of life in order that others may have the opportunity to experience a life of freedom, peace and prosperity that we as citizens of the great State of Mississippi and these United States of America are privileged to share daily:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend the life, services and accomplishments of PFC Christopher Dale Mabry and express our deepest sympathy to his family and friends upon his passing.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be furnished to his parents, Louis Mabry, Jr., and Nancy Carter, grandmother, Frances Mabry, and to the members of the Capitol Press Corps.