2003 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Little, Dearing, Blackmon, Browning, Bryan, Burton, Canon, Carlton, Carmichael, Chamberlin, Chaney, Cuevas, Dawkins, Dickerson, Farris, Frazier, Gollott, Gordon, Hamilton, Harden, Harvey, Hewes, Horhn, Huggins, Hyde-Smith, Jackson, Johnson (19th), Johnson (38th), Jordan, King, Kirby, Lee, Mettetal, Michel, Minor, Moffatt, Nunnelee, Posey, Robertson, Ross, Scoper, Simmons, Smith, Stogner, Thames, Tollison, Turner, Walden, Walls, White, Williamson

Senate Resolution 109

(As Adopted by Senate)


     WHEREAS, Vernon Delma Furniss, a Democrat from Rena Lara, Mississippi, is completing 11 years of outstanding, dedicated service as State Senator from District 11 (Coahoma, Quitman and Tunica Counties) and 20 total years of service in the Legislature; and

     WHEREAS, in Delma Furniss, the residents of District 11 are losing an honest, dependable State Senator, and the residents of Mississippi are losing 20 years of legislative experience and unquestioned integrity; and

     WHEREAS, Senator Furniss served in the House of Representatives from 1984-1993, and has served in the Senate from 1993 to the present, and has taken a leading role in virtually every meaningful economic development, agriculture, health care and progressive education program in his district during his tenure; and

     WHEREAS, Senator Furniss is presently Chairman of the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, where he has been a champion of veterans' rights, taking an extremely active role in the development of the States Veterans' Homes, the Mississippi Vietnam Monument Commission and the Youth Challenge Program operated at Camp Shelby; and

     WHEREAS, Senator Furniss has served with distinction on many House and Senate Committees in his tenure, including the Corrections Committee where he was Vice Chairman, and the Finance, Fees, Salaries and Administration, Economic Development, Tourism and Parks, Highways and Transportation and the Judiciary Committees; and

     WHEREAS, he took a particular interest in assisting the Mississippi Firefighters Memorial Burn Center at Delta Regional Hospital by sponsoring legislation creating a special trust fund and offered amendments to allow nursing home residents to continue to receive Medicaid reimbursement for home-leave days; and

     WHEREAS, Delma is a retired conductor for the Illinois Central Railroad, is a member of the Delta State University and the University of Mississippi Alumni Associations, the Clarksdale-Coahoma Chamber of Commerce, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Lambda Iota Tau Fraternities; he is an active member of the Baptist Church and is dedicated to his wife, Edith Lynn Roark, and children, Jerry, Jan, Jeffrey and Julia; and

     WHEREAS, Senator Furniss served with distinction and we will miss his friendship:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend the legacy of public service of District 11 State Senator Vernon Delma Furniss of Rena Lara, Mississippi, and extend to him and his family the sincere appreciation of the Senate for his many outstanding accomplishments and record of dedicated public service.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Senator Furniss and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.