House Bill NO. 2

                             By Senator(s) Johnson(38)

     AMEND by deleting lines 53 through 66 and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

     SECTION *.  Section 11-11-3, Mississippi Code of 1972, is amended as follows:

     11-11-3.  Civil actions of which the circuit court has original jurisdiction shall be commenced in the county which the defendant or any of them may be found or in the county where the cause of action may occur * * * and, if the defendant is a domestic corporation, in the county in which said corporation is domiciled or in the county where the cause of action may occur * * *, except where otherwise provided, and except actions of trespass on land ejectment and actions for the statutory penalty for cutting and boxing trees and firing woods and actions for the actual value of trees cut which shall be brought in the county where the land or some part thereof is situated. * * *  Venue shall be proper as to each and every named plaintiff.  If the venue is improper as to any plaintiff, then the claims involving that party shall be severed and transferred to a county where venue is proper as to such claims, or dismissed without prejudice if there exists no county of proper venue.

     SECTION *.  Sections 11-11-5, 11-11-7, 11-11-11 and 11-11-13, Mississippi Code of 1972, which provide venue in actions against nonresidents, nonresident motorists, railroads and insurance companies, are hereby repealed.

     FURTHER, AMEND the title to conform.