2002 3rd Extraordinary Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Hyde-Smith

Senate Resolution 11

(As Adopted by Senate)


     WHEREAS, 2002 is a very exciting year in the life of Macedonia Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi, as the church recognizes a celebration of its Sesqui-Centennial; and

     WHEREAS, in 1852, with letter in hand, William East and William Elzey asked to be seated as delegates from the new Macedonia Baptist Church at the Copiah Baptist Associational Meeting.  On June 5, 1858, the Trustees of Macedonia Baptist Church acquired 11 and 76/100 acres of land including the Baptist Meeting House Macedonia and the burying grounds bounded on the south by Brookhaven Market Road (now Highway 550).  All that remains at the original location of Macedonia Baptist Church is the cemetery; and

     WHEREAS, in the 1930's, it was decided that a new church was needed.  Cash was short and most of the money raised to build the new church was given by farmers who sold chickens, eggs, cattle and crops.  Pews in this church, a brick auditorium and four Sunday School rooms were built with free labor by members of the church, using hand-made bricks and donated virgin timber; and

     WHEREAS, Calvin Phelps was Pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church when lightening struck and burned the building on Saturday, December 9, 1967.  Macedonia was allowed to have its church services at Loyd Star School provided that they could have the new church built as soon as possible; and

     WHEREAS, the building was staked off, additional land around the church was donated, the top of the hill was pushed down to where it is today by volunteer labor and the buildings were staked off.  Construction was never stopped for a day because of lack of money, and most or all of the pews were paid for by different families in honor of some members of their family; and

     WHEREAS, in April 1968, Easter Sunday, the first worship services were held in the Fellowship Hall of the new Educational Building.  Worship services continued in this building until the completion of the new Sanctuary.  On Sunday, March 23, 1969, the new church building was formally dedicated; and

     WHEREAS, since this church's "birth", it has experienced many changes, but through it all, the church has endeavored to provide a place of worship where individuals could grow closer to God; and

     WHEREAS, it is with great pride that we recognize the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration of this church which has given so much to its members, its community and to the State of Mississippi:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend and congratulate Macedonia Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi, upon the occasion of the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration of the church, and extend to its members the best wishes of the Senate.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Dr. David Sellers representing the entire church, and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.