Senate Bill NO. 2851

                             By Senator(s) Hamilton

     AMEND by striking lines 78 through 96 in their entirety, inserting in lieu thereof the following:

          (l)  That the applicant and the applicant's key employees, as determined by the commission, do not have a disqualifying criminal recordIn order to obtain a criminal record history check, the applicant shall submit to the commission a set of fingerprints from any local law enforcement agency for each person for whom the records check is required.  The commission shall forward the fingerprints to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.  If no disqualifying record is identified at the state level, the Department of Public Safety shall forward the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history record check.  Costs for processing the set or sets of fingerprints shall be borne by the applicant.  The commission shall not deny employment to an employee of the applicant prior to the identification of a disqualifying record or other disqualifying information.