Senate Bill NO. 2819

                             By Senator(s) Minor

     AMEND by deleting lines 103 through 115 and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

     (4)  (a)  Once an eligible utility opts to participate in CEAP, the billing of the charge pursuant to subsection (1) will begin with the first billing cycle of the prospective billing month after the utility has provided conspicuous notice to each of its customers of the charge to be collected and the customer has notified the utility of the customer's desire to participate in the CEAP program.  The notice must be provided to all residential customers of the participating utility, with instructions on how the customer may begin and terminate his participation in the CEAP program.  When a customer terminates his participation in the CEAP program, the termination shall be effective after the end of the billing month that the customer designates as the final month of participation; provided, however, that a customer may terminate his participation only after the completion of his sixth billing cycle in the program.

     FURTHER, amend the title to conform.