House Bill NO. 251

                             By Senator(s) Committee

     Amend by striking all after the enacting clause and inserting in lieu thereof the following:


     SECTION 1.  (1)  When any state agency mails, delivers, circulates, publishes, distributes, transmits, or otherwise disseminates, in any form or manner, information or material that contains the social security number of an individual, the agency shall take such steps as may be reasonably necessary to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of the individual's social security number to members of the general public or to persons other than those persons who, in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, have a lawful and legitimate need to know the individual's social security number.  State agencies shall be in compliance with this act on or before July 1, 2003.

     (2)  This section shall stand repealed on July 2, 2002.

     SECTION 2.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after July 1, 2002.