Senate Bill NO. 2189

                             By Representative(s) Holland

     AMEND by deleting lines 983 through 993 and inserting the following:

     "SECTION 4.  Each person who is employed by, under contract with, or acts as a representative or agent of a drug manufacturer, who sells, markets or promotes, in person within the State of Mississippi, any drug product of that manufacturer that is intended to be used primarily by or for humans, shall register annually with the State Department of Health, and shall pay an annual registration fee of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500.00) to the department.  The registration fee shall be paid by the drug manufacturers on behalf of the persons who are required to pay the fee under this section, and not by the persons themselves.  The registration fee shall be deposited into the special fund in the State Treasury to the credit of the Division of Medicaid, and shall be used by the division for funding any pharmacy benefits management program of the division.  If the registration fee required by this section is not paid, the department shall turn over to the office of the Attorney General the collection of the fee by civil action."